NatéoSanté launches Hygeolis, the anti-odour innovation for small spaces


Discover the fragrance-free and chemical-free anti-odour solution for small spaces

Controlling unpleasant odours is a major challenge in professional settings for the comfort and image of establishments.

Odours (chemicals, kitchen, tobacco, pipes, toilets, etc.) and micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, moulds, mites, etc.) are particularly feared in confined and high traffic areas such as toilets, changing rooms and other small spaces.

A great alternative to synthetic perfume diffusers, the Hygeolis does not mask odours, instead destroying them by purifying the air naturally, with no risks to people’s health.

For a chemical-free and fragrance-free odour elimination solution, choose Hygeolis.

The ideal complement to your cleaning system

  • Doesn’t just mask odours—it effectively destroys them
  • Revolutionary chemical-free and fragrance-free technology
  • Provides the olfactory comfort of continuous healthy air
  • Enhances the customer/user experience
  • Enhances the image of the establishment 
  • Made in France 

Customise your Hygeolis

  • Choose the colour of your Hygeolis
  • Customise them with your printed logo