Air quality monitoring in healthcare facilities

The importance of indoor air quality in clinics and hospitals is a growing concern due to the evolution of care practices and the presence of clinically vulnerable people. NatéoSanté has designed and developed a range of professional air purifiers to help you improve IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).

Your needs

					Air purifier to prevent hospital acquired infections hospital

Healthcare facilities such as clinics and hospitals need to be able to maintain clean spaces throughout the day. Many health care personnel needs are related to indoor air quality:

  • Protecting patients and nursing staff: avoiding cross-contamination and nosocomial infections (micro-organisms)
  • Purifying the air in consulting rooms, waiting rooms, laboratories and bedrooms
  • Destroying bad odours
  • Removing Volatile Organic Compounds

What are the sources of indoor air pollution in clinics and hospitals?

Protect staff and patients from viruses in hospitals



  • Bacteria and viruses (including respiratory viruses and coronaviruses)
  • Spores, mites, moulds


  • PM2.5, dust
  • Scales, fibres

Particles are the cause of numerous respiratory pathologies (irritation, asthma, allergies, etc.)

Chemical Compounds:

  • VOCs, gases, odours
  • Endocrine disruptors

Anaesthetic gases, drugs, detergents and disinfectants (endoscopy procedure room) in daily use can be harmful to nursing staff.

Our solutions

Explore our range of professional air purifiers for your hospital


Eolis Air Manager 600S

Available for purchase or rental from €59 \month excluding VAT*

*flexible rental, price according to rental duration, subject to application acceptance, financing conditions valid in metropolitan France. For all other countries, please contact us to be placed in touch with our local distributors.

EOLIS Air Manager 1200S with Deep Clean feature

Eolis Air Manager 1200S

Available for purchase or rentAL from €79 \month excluding VAT*

*flexible rental, price according to rental duration, subject to application acceptance, financing conditions valid in metropolitan France. For all other countries, please contact us to be placed in touch with our local distributors.



Hospital and clinic managers: why equip yourself with EOLIS Air Manager?

Opting for NatéoSanté Solutions means benefiting from the expertise and know-how of the French reference standard in indoor air purification for over 10 years.

96% Staphylococcus epidermidis

and Aspergillus brasiliensis eliminated on the first air passage

The EOLIS Air Manager filter unit, with HEPA 13 filter

captures over 99.99% of fine particles (0.3 μm).

Formaldehyde (formol) concentration divided by 5,

benzene by 7

Provide healthy air in your hospital/clinic

EOLIS Air Manager is the only device capable of effectively eradicating all pollutants in your hospital.

Efficiency of our EOLIS Air Manager air purifiers against Coronaviruses

EOLIS Air Manager 99.6% effective against coronavirus

Tests carried out by an independent microbiology laboratory have shown that the EOLIS Air Manager air purifier eliminates 99.6% of the coronavirus present in the air after ten minutes of operation.

EOLIS Air Manager: professional air purifier for hospitals

The only air purifier that has been tested for safety and performance*

Supported by the ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency), EOLIS Air Manager is the only air purification device whose safety and performance have been verified under the Environmental Technology Verification* programme of the European Commission.

*“The EOLIS Air Manager 1200 technology has been verified under the EU Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) pilot program for indoor air treatment in homes, offices and other professional environments, including specific pollution, by the verification body RESCOLL on 17.09.2018. The verification statement has been registered under number 180155-DV and can be accessed at:”

					NatéoSanté Eolis medical air purifier harmless

Non-release of pollutants guarantee

Our air purifiers do not emit particles, VOCs, NOx or ozone, even during operation. They have been developed with an eco-design approach:

  • No glue, no paint or varnish
  • Low energy consumption
  • No planned obsolescence
  • Lasts three times longer than other air purifiers on the market
  • 100% French manufacture
  • Local suppliers
  • Recyclable materials
					NatéoSanté Eolis medical air purifier filtration performance

Advertised performance, verified performance

Tests carried out by independent French laboratories demonstrate excellent performance on indoor air pollutants usually present in medical and hospital environments (tests according to NF B44-200 and NF EN 16846-1 standards).

NatéoSanté is a partner of Clean Hospitals

NatéoSanté is a member of Clean hospitals

NatéoSanté is part of the Clean Hospitals network, an organisation whose mission is to raise awareness of the importance of good environmental hygiene in healthcare institutions. The objective is to improve hospital hygiene practices worldwide, which obviously includes air, to protect patients and staff. This is why NatéoSanté, through this partnership, supports research in this field and contributes to raising awareness on the importance of good IAQ in hospitals and clinics.

NatéoSanté is a member of French Healthcare

NatéoSanté referenced by the French Healthcare Association

The mission of the French Healthcare Association is to promote the French vision in global healthcare. NatéoSanté has been referenced as a company participating in the national effort to fight the COVID-19 epidemic (Hospital Air Treatment / Disinfection category). NatéoSanté air purifiers are effective against the airborne spread of SARS-CoV-2.

Touch screen of the professional air purifier EOLIS Air Manager

EOLIS Air Manager “pluses”

  • Guaranteed performance, real-time air quality visualisation via the control screen
  • Low noise level: from 18dB, does not disturb patients
  • Low energy consumption: from 16W
The NatéoSanté monitoring system allows you to know your fleet indoor air quality in real time

The NatéoSanté monitoring system: centralised multi-site management

  • Real-time monitoring of a multi-installation EOLIS Air Manager site’s operational status and IAQ via a secure platform
  • Remote and multi-site management from a single screen (computer or mobile)
  • Instant email alerts when maintenance is required
  • Checking the actual wear level of the filters in each air purifier and anticipating their required replacement
  • Control and use of the system by your team(s) or by your NatéoSanté dealer
  • Ability to communicate in real-time with patients (Example: via a screen placed in the waiting room)

They trust us

Our commitments

NatéoSanté is committed to air quality

Control the air you breathe

EOLIS Air Manager automatically adapts to the room in which it is located. The device is equipped with sensors that permit the analysis of the room’s pollution level, distinguishing between VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and fine particles (PM 2.5) present in the air.

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