Monitoring air quality in medical facilities

The importance of indoor air quality in healthcare facilities is a growing concern due to changes in healthcare practices and the presence of vulnerable people. NatéoSanté has designed and developed a range of professional air purifiers to help you improve the IAQ.

Your needs

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Although hygiene precautions may seem basic to healthcare professionals, this doesn’t mean it’s easy to set up and maintain a clean space at all times. Yet there are many needs:

  • Protecting patients and healthcare workers by preventing the spread of micro-organisms
  • Purifying the air in exam rooms, waiting rooms, laboratories and hospital rooms
  • Destroying unpleasant odours
  • Removing VOCs

Sources of indoor air pollution in medical facilities

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  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Spores
  • Mites
  • Moulds

Airborne micro-organisms play a large role in the transmission of hospital-acquired infections.


  • Dust
  • PM2.5
  • Dander
  • Fibres

Particles are the cause of many respiratory diseases such as: inflammation, asthma, allergies, etc.

Chemical Compounds:

  • VOCs
  • Gases
  • Odours
  • Endocrine disruptors

Anaesthetic gases, drugs, detergents and disinfectants (endoscopic room) used daily can be harmful to healthcare workers.

Our solutions

Discover our solution for your hospital facilities


EOLIS Air Manager 600S

Available for purchase or rent from 59 € excl. tax /month*

* flexible leasing, price based on the duration of the rental, subject to acceptance of the dossier, financing conditions valid in Metropolitan France. For any other country, please contact us and we will put you in contact with our local distributors.

EOLIS Air Manager 1200S with Deep Clean feature

EOLIS Air Manager 1200S

Available for purchase or rent from 79 € excl. tax /month*

*flexible leasing, price based on the duration of the rental, subject to acceptance of the dossier, financing conditions valid in Metropolitan France. For any other country, please contact us and we will put you in contact with our local distributors.



Hospital and clinic directors choose the EOLIS Air Manager

Choosing NatéoSanté Solutions means benefiting from the expertise and know-how of the French benchmark in indoor air purification of more than 10 years.

96% Staphylococcus epidermidis

and Aspergillus brasiliensis eliminated from the first pass through of air.

The EOLIS Air Manager filter, which is 10 cm thick and contains a HEPA filter,

catches more than 99.99% of fine particles with a diameter of 0.3 μm.

Concentration of Formaldehyde (Formol)

reduced fivefold and that of Benzene sevenfold after 15 min of operation.

Offer the experience of healthy air in your hospital/clinic

The EOLIS Air Manager is the only device capable of effectively eradicating all pollutants present in your hospital facilities.

Efficiency of our EOLIS Air Manager air purifiers against Coronaviruses

EOLIS Air Manager is 99.6% effective against coronaviruses

Tests carried out by an independent laboratory, specialist in microbiology, have shown, after only ten minutes of operation, that the EOLIS Manager air purifier eliminates 99.6% of the coronaviruses present in the air.

The NatéoSanté monitoring system allows you to know your fleet indoor air quality in real time

NatéoSanté monitoring system: multi-site centralised management

  • Display of the operational state and overall air quality of the various EOLIS Air Manager from digital secure platform
  • Multi-site remote management from a single screen (computer, smartphone)
  • Instant email notifications in case of maintenance requirement
  • Inspection of the filters on each professional air purifier for wear and anticipating filter replacements
  • The system can be used by the personnel in charge of the maintenance in your establishment, your teams or your NatéoSanté reseller
  • Possible real-time communication with patients (by installing a screen in the waiting room for instance)
EOLIS Air Manager: professional medical air purifier for hospitals

The only air purifier with proven safety and performance*

Supported by ADEME, the EOLIS Air Manager is the only air purifier with proven safety and performance verified through the European Commission’s Environmental Technology Verification* programme.

*“EOLIS Air Manager 1200 technology was certified by RESCOLL on 17/09/2018 in line with the EU’s Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) pilot programme for the treatment of indoor air in homes, offices and other professional environments, including for specific pollutants. The certification number is 180155-DV and can be viewed at the following website address:

					NatéoSanté Eolis medical air purifier harmless

Guaranteed pollutant-free

Our air purifiers do not emit particles, VOCs, NOx or ozone, even during operation. They were developed using an eco-design approach:

  • No glue, paint or varnish
  • Low energy consumption
  • No built-in obsolescence
  • Life span three times longer than that of air purifiers on the market
  • 100% made in France
  • Local suppliers
  • Recyclable materials

					NatéoSanté Eolis medical air purifier filtration performance

Proven performance, verified performance

Testing in independent French labs has recorded excellent performance on indoor air pollutants, which are often found in medical and hospital environments (tested according to NF B44-200 and NF EN 16846-1 standards).

Touch screen of the professional air purifier EOLIS Air Manager

The benefits of the EOLIS Air Manager

  • Guaranteed performance, view air quality in real time on the control screen
  • Low noise level: from 18 dB, does not disturb patients
  • Low energy consumption: from 16 W

They trust us


NatéoSanté is committed to air quality

Control the air you breathe

The EOLIS Air Manager automatically adapts to the room in which it is located.
The device is fitted with sensors that can determine the level of pollution in a room, distinguishing between VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and fine particles (PM2.5) in the air.