Hospitality / Catering

The image of an establishment depends on several elements, including the olfactory atmosphere, from the very first seconds. Discover our solutions for eliminating stubborn bad odours (stale, cooking, cigarettes, cold tobacco, etc.) and purifying the indoor air of all pollutants in order to guarantee a good first impression to your clientele, to welcome them in optimal conditions and thus to develop their loyalty.

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Eliminate stubborn odours (fumes, cleaning products, etc.). Manage the customer experience and brand image of your establishment.

Welcoming the public in restaurants, bars and cafes

Restaurants / Bars / Cafés

Guarantee good welcoming conditions and an excellent moment of relaxation to the customers of your restaurant, bar or café by offering them a purified air.

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Holiday parks / Campsites

Get rid of unpleasant smells caused by chemicals, drains, cooking or tobacco. Maintain the highest levels of cleanliness for your clients.