Controlling bad odours is key to the customer experience and the brand image of hotels.

NatéoSanté offers a complete range of air purifiers for each of your spaces: living areas, passageways and technical rooms, housekeeping. All our purifiers are portable and easy to use: no work is required, an electrical socket is all that’s needed.


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As the first thing often noticed when you enter a room, ambient odours can be the Achilles’ heel for a customer experience that should be perfect. The odours from chemicals, kitchen drains or tobacco and micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses are particularly feared in confined and busy areas like hotel rooms, sanitary facilities and changing rooms.

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the customer experience

  • Offer your customers clean and healthy air
  • Maintain your level of excellence by meeting new customer requirements
  • Position your establishment by developing a range of additional services for people sensitive to air quality (dust mite allergies, dust allergies, asthma): Air + Room Service
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  • Increase the occupancy rate of rooms by effectively eliminating stubborn odours (tobacco, drains, fumes, cleaning products, fresh paint, new or musty furniture, body odours, etc.)
  •  Save time and money by reducing how often textiles need cleaning (carpets, curtains, rugs, etc.)

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Sources of pollution

in hotels

  • Tobacco
  • Mites
  • Mould
  • PM2.5
  • Bacteria
  • Dust
  • Odours
  • Pollen
  • VOCs


Learn about our solutions for your hotel

EOLIS Air Manager 600S


From 59 € excl. tax /month*

* flexible leasing, price based on the duration of the rental, subject to acceptance of the dossier

EOLIS Air Manager 1200S

living areas

From 79 € excl. tax /month*

* flexible leasing, price based on the duration of the rental, subject to acceptance of the dossier


toilets and small spaces

From 18 € excl. tax /month per unit for 2 *

* flexible leasing, price based on the duration of the rental, subject to acceptance of the dossier

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Hospitality professionals choose NatéoSanté

Offer the experience of healthy air in your hotel

Adapted solutions

in every space

Offer your customers

healthy air that is more than 99.99% purified

Managing your purifier inventory

through monitoring

The monitoring system

Manage your customers’ air quality in real time

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  • See the air quality of each area in your establishment in real time from a dedicated screen
  • Live alert if maintenance is needed
  • Check that the various EOLIS Air Managers are operating properly
  • See the actual state of wear of the filters for each device
  • Anticipate required filter replacements
  • Easy to use
  • Software controlled by hotel staff, your distributor or directly by NatéoSanté


They chose the EOLIS Air Manager

They trust us


NatéoSanté is committed to air quality

Control the air you breathe

The EOLIS Air Manager automatically adapts to the room in which it is located.
The device is fitted with sensors that can determine the level of pollution in a room, distinguishing between VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and fine particles (PM2.5) in the air.

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