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					Eolis Air manager 1200 1200S professional air purifier

• Intuitive touchscreen
• Medical-grade HEPA or ULPA filtration system
• Connected device with the “EOLIS Air Manager” smartphone app
• 3-year warranty
• The optional DEEP CLEAN 60 minutes “S” function: exclusive NatéoSanté option that very quickly deep cleans air inside the room where it is set up

Touch screen of the professional air purifier EOLIS Air Manager

View indoor air quality in real time

The EOLIS Air Manager air purifier’s touchscreen is both easy to use and complete:

  • The air quality indicator (iaq) gives you a real-time view of the quality of the indoor air that you are breathing in the room (Volatile Organic Compounds and PM2.5).
  • The filter wear indicator shows you the level of wear of your air purifier’s filter unit in real time.

The settings allow you to easily turn the various available functions on and off:

  • Scheduler mode (customised hourly and daily operation based on the activity and environment)
  • UV lamp (photocatalysis function)
  • Active oxygen mode (Mode 1 or Deep Clean 60 minutes mode), etc.
Air disinfection function of the professional air purifier EOLIS Air Manager

Clean air thoroughly with the DEEP CLEAN Mode

The Active Oxygen Mode (available on the EOLIS Air Manager 1200S) deep cleans air in the room:

  • persistent odours (even permeating fabrics, walls, furniture, etc.)
  • micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, mites, spores, mould, fungi, etc.)

This exclusive NatéoSanté function is available in 2 operating modes:

  • Mode 1 (preventive treatment): light air quality treatment by emitting active oxygen in small quantities and regularly diffused in the room’s air according to its surface area.
  • Mode 2 or “Deep Clean 60 minutes” (curative treatment): deep and fast cleaning of the indoor air using higher emissions of active oxygen into the room air. The room must be unoccupied throughout the treatment time (1 hour).

					NatéoSanté-Eolis-air purifier-odours-pollution-indoor-air-quality-monitoring-management

Connect the EOLIS Air Manager with the NatéoSanté monitoring software

Monitoring software was developed by NatéoSanté for users of EOLIS Air Manager technology to have simplified and connected inventory management. This monitoring system allows you to manage a group of devices including several EOLIS Air Manager air purifiers.

This allows a director of a school, elder care home or hotel to view the air quality of each room in their establishment in real time. This software also makes maintenance of each EOLIS Air Manager easier (alert when it is time to replace filters or if sensors need cleaning).

Filters and accessories


EOLIS Air Manager filters block

EOLIS Air Manager replaceable biocidal filter

Lampe UV 7 watt pour purificateur d'air

EOLIS Air Manager 7W UV-C lamp

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