Anaïs Guyomarc’h,
R&D at the service of health

Anaïs Guyomarc’h joined NatéoSanté in 2018 and now oversees the company’s entire operational value chain. Responsible for the R&D, production and sales departments, her day-to-day work involves a careful balance between development, design and operational issues in order to provide customers with reactivity and quality of service.

She tells us about her exciting missions within NatéoSanté.

Interview Anais guyomarch responsable innovation recherches developpement production purificateur air

How did you end up at NatéoSanté? 

“After training as a chemical engineer, I spent seven years working in the UK for a start-up company. I developed new materials for the aeronautics and automotive industries mainly. This work was more akin to basic research as I did not have access to the field of application of the materials I was designing. That’s part of the reason why I joined NatéoSanté. I wanted to contribute concretely and from A to Z to a project, to the development of a product up to its marketing.”

“I chose Research and Development because it’s a job that goes beyond the idea stage. We learn from our trials and contribute to bringing new solutions to the problems encountered.”

What are the missions carried out in Research & Development at NatéoSanté?

“Our technical team has two major activities. From the one hand, we work on designing new air products and services to purify the air, like new air purifiers, more efficient filters or connected services. On the other hand, we monitor our products throughout their life cycle, from their production to after-sales service, if necessary, and we am the guarantors of their quality. It seems logical at NatéoSanté to combine design and production, but it’s quite rare in a company for one department to do both things. That’s what’s interesting about our role, we work together, as a team, on these different matters.” 

“I also act as a link between the technical, sales and marketing & communication teams, like a translator. I either transform the feedback from sales and customers into technical specifications, or I work with the marketing team on a new functionality that we have developed in R&D. We also develop tests together to validate the performance of our products on our customers’ sites.”

What are NatéoSanté’s challenges? 

“Our challenge is to constantly innovate in order to stand out and bring added value to our customers. We rely on our expertise, our experience of more than 10 years and our know-how to provide solutions that meet the high health challenges related to indoor air quality.”

“Building strong, high-quality partnerships with local manufacturers is essential. We select our partners based on their values, which are close to our own, their specific skills (eco-design, design, software development, etc.) and their ability to be proactive.”

“The Covid-19 epidemic posed an additional challenge for many companies to maintain their production and delivery capacity despite supply difficulties. The Made in France approach that we have had since the beginning at NatéoSanté has enabled us to control and secure our supply chain. We were therefore very responsive during the pandemic and could respond quickly to customer requests, which were more numerous and urgent given the scale of the health situation.”

How would you define NatéoSanté’s innovation approach? 

“Our goal is to provide clean air to as many people as possible. In order to achieve this, we seek to improve what already exists, sometimes by thinking outside the box. One example is the design of the EOLIS Air Manager. There were many air purifiers on the market, but the products lacked transparency. We therefore designed an air purifier with a screen, sliders and a performance guarantee that clarifies its operation and usefulness, as opposed to the ‘black box’ concept. The features developed are truly for the user’s benefit: alert if the purifier is undersized for the room, notification to activate the UV-C lamps, etc. One market innovation was recommending filter replacement because it is dirty and can no longer do its job properly, instead of using an arbitrary timer.”

“We have recently launched a multi-site and remote monitoring system to take the services we offer our customers even further. We really want to support them by providing them with solutions that correspond to their needs so that they can control indoor quality air in their premises with complete peace of mind.”

“Including eco-design in our solution also seemed obvious to us. As early as 2014, we set out to develop an air purifier that would have a low environmental impact throughout its life cycle. This is why we chose to use non-polluting materials, sustainable components and optimise the energy consumption of the device, among other things. Our products must also be easy to repair and recycle. It took us three years to develop the EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifier, but it was worth it. Of course, these very high human and environmental requirements don’t make life any easier for us, but we are continuing on the path we chose!”