Human commitment

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Since the founding of NatéoSanté, our driving force has been the conviction to take action for the health and well-being of all and to have the human and technological skills necessary to offer design, high-performance and environmentally-friendly products.

As a pioneer in air quality expertise, we had to dare to be uncertain and to set out to discover a market that did not exist! Our mission continues internationally to raise awareness of air quality, which is essential to everyone’s health.

“You aren’t buying an air purifier, you’re joining a process.”
“We reject the report’s inevitability, we can change things.”


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For NatéoSanté’s air purifiers, eco-design is a matter of course in order to limit the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle. Providing healthy air to our customers without polluting the environment—that’s the NatéoSanté spirit.

Improving our customers’ well-being and quality of life requires us to act responsibly as we manufacture our products by choosing non-emissive, easily recyclable materials, without additives, paint or glue. By selecting high-quality components, we increase the durability of our products and reject built-in obsolescence.

Health is a societal concern; our response: performance requirements

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Health is a societal issue. It concerns each and every one of us, in a family, in a company, in society and on the planet. “The topic of health is serious one, you can’t joke about it”, states Thierry Ricci.

This awareness is alive and well within the NatéoSanté teams and feeds our demand for continuous improvement of our services and products. We are committed to considering the specific professional needs of each of our customers and to ensuring healthy air for each person or company that equips itself with our solutions.

We want as many people as possible to become aware of air quality issues.

“You’re always breathing, so the EOLIS Air Manager, our smart air purifier, is always working to provide you with healthy air” 

Caring for others and yourself

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We want to restore air to its essential role: allowing us to breathe, work and live in total comfort. At NatéoSanté, we work towards air that has a gentle touch, thanks to discreet, protective air purifiers. In the privacy of your home as well as in the heart of your business, we’ve got you covered.

It is for this reason that we wished to commit ourselves to the Fondation du Souffle in order to make our contribution to this awareness of air quality which is essential to our health.


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At NatéoSanté, being innovative means knowing how to overturn established models and take hold of what has been around for a long time in a new way. Our innovation for health is working for better air quality to prevent rather than cure.

We have broken away from the idea of a device with a concealed operation to offer eco-designed air purifiers that emit no pollutants, contribute to responsible behaviour for air quality and integrate discreetly into our customers’ working and living environments with its benign white design.

Discover our vision of innovation: interview with Anaïs Guyomarc’h, our Innovation, Development and Production Manager.

“Confidentiality to stay one step ahead is not our style”

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