In order to meet the work requirements of each professional, the EOLIS Air Manager air purifier offers a tailored filter unit that can be adapted to meet every need. Our Perform + filters, the standard reference model, are presented in detail below. 

All our filter units are certified and individually tested to guarantee optimal purification efficiency.

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Bactericidal, virucidal and acaricidal filter

(ISO 18184:2019 and NF G39-011 certified)

NatéoSanté Eolis air purifier filter biocidal acaricidal virucidal bactericidal
  • Captures macro-particles (hair, animal fur, dust, etc.).
  • This filter underwent a bactericidal, virucidal and acaricidal treatment allowing it to effectively act on bacteria, viruses and mites.
  • Washable and replaceable, it extends the life of the HEPA filter.

Very high density (VHD) activated carbon filter

					NatéoSanté Eolis air purifier filter activated carbon odours chemicals gas
  • Destroys stubborn odours (even those permeating fabrics, walls, etc.): cigarettes, stale tobacco.
  • Absorbs VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds): formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, tetrachloroethylene, ammonia vapours, bleach, etc.
  • Captures gases that can be toxic: pesticides, kitchen fumes, hydrogen sulphide, etc.
  • Accelerates the breakdown of ozone in ambient air

Medical-quality HEPA H13 filter

(EN 1822 certified)

					NatéoSanté Eolis air purifier filter HEPA ULPA fine particles
  • Captures fine particles (micro-particles) as small as 0.0003 mm (0.3 µm) for the HEPA H13 filter. These fine particles penetrate airways and can cause asthma and respiratory allergies.
  • Captures fine dust, pollen, diesel particles, pesticides, micro-organisms (bacteria, mites, spores, fungi, moulds, etc.).

Oxidation filter

					NatéoSanté Eolis air purifier filter photocatalysis odours chemicals gas
  • This filter removes VOCs thoroughly.
  • The oxydation function combines it with the UV lamps. This function can be activated and deactivated at will using the air purifier’s control panel.

For continuous 24-hour operation, the filter unit should be replaced on average once a year. The EOLIS Air Manager indoor air purifier shows you the state of wear of your filters in real time. This means you know exactly when you need to change your filter unit, guaranteeing optimum efficiency.