NatéoSanté Eolis connected EPMS unit monitoring software professional air purifier remote management

Simultaneously control and operate all the EOLIS Air Manager air purifiers in your establishment directly from a single control screen thanks to the EPMS (EOLIS Park Manager System) router.

This accessory enables you to easily and centrally control the maintenance of all your air purifiers.

					NatéoSanté Eolis air purifier EPMS unit connected software monitoring

The monitoring software developed and designed by NatéoSanté is easy to use. With it, you will be able to remotely see the air quality in real time in each equipped room of your establishment.

You will also be alerted directly if a device needs maintenance. This accessory is particularly recommended for communities and public access establishments such as schools, hotels, elder care homes, hospitals or even companies with a group of air purifiers to manage, among others.