The monitoring plaform allows you to manage your various EOLIS Air Manager

Monitor a fleet of air purifiers throughout the world

Thanks to the exclusive monitoring system developed by NatéoSanté, view in real time the indoor air quality of each room equipped with an EOLIS Air Manager air purifier, all from a secure platform (office, hotel room, restaurant, classroom, nursery, hair salon, podiatrist workshop, medical or dentist practice, etc.).

Thanks to a unit connected to each EOLIS Air Manager and a Wi-Fi connection, simply register the devices on the dedicated platform, within minutes.

This centralized management system allows you to view all your fleet of EOLIS Air Manager at once on a single screen which you can access to from any computer or smartphone. In addition, it automatically sends you an email alert as soon as it identifies a need for maintenance operation on an EOLIS Air Manager.

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An IoT platform dedicated to IAQ for every professional

This multi-site monitoring system is ideal for all professionals wishing to centrally manage their air purifiers, access their data and monitor IAQ in their establishments, with complete peace of mind.

It allows you to act promptly in the event of an anomaly in order to guarantee purified indoor air at all times to your employees, customers, patients or public.

A comprehensive scheme to guarantee purified air
The NatéoSanté monitoring system can be accessed to from any screen

Visualize in real time the operational state of your fleet

  • Remote, multi-site monitoring on a single screen (computer, smartphone, tablet)
  • Verification that the various EOLIS Air Manager of the fleet are operating properly
  • Inspection of the filters on each device for wear
  • Anticipating required filter replacements
  • Possible real-time communication about the IAQ state with employees, customers, the general public or patients (i.e.: screen in a waiting room, a reception hall, a meeting room, etc.).
The NatéoSanté monitoring system allows you to know your fleet indoor air quality in real time

Facilitate the maintenance thanks to instant alerts

  • Instant alert notifications by email in case of maintenance requirement (worn filter, front panel open, UV-C lamps or sensors, etc.) to assure you that all EOLIS Air Manager are operating in their optimum conditions at all times in your company
  • Facilitates the maintenance thanks to the precise identification of the anomaly

Two options for using the monitoring platform

The platform can be used directly by the personnel in charge of the maintenance of your establishment. This allows for the internal, expedient management of the fleet of air purifiers.

If you want so, your NatéoSanté reseller can also carry out maintenance operations from their premises thanks to the monitoring platform, thus ensuring your various EOLIS Air Manager are operating properly. Your reseller can also check the filters of each device for wear, which will help them anticipate filer replacements for you.

Discover our tutorial to connect your EOLIS Air Manager to the monitoring system