One-of-a-kind technology for unrivalled performance

The EOLIS Air Manager assists users throughout the day. It allows users to purify, analyse and control the quality of their indoor air efficiently in real time. With this range of innovative air purifiers, NatéoSanté guarantees all professionals optimal air quality in their establishments (schools, hotels, offices, childcare centres, doctors’ surgeries, etc.).

With its power and its certified medical-grade filtration system, it eliminates 99.97% of particles, odours, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria, fumes, gases, dust, etc. In addition, NatéoSanté’s patented technology calculates the level of filter clogging in real time. The device is also fitted with sensors that can determine the level of pollution in a room, distinguishing between VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and fine particles (PM2.5) in the air. This allows the air purifier to automatically adapt to the room in which it is located.

Touch screen of the professional air purifier EOLIS Air Manager

A touchscreen

to monitor air quality in real time

The EOLIS Air Manager’s touchscreen lets you manage all the device’s features (purification speed, mode change, log access, settings, etc.). You can also monitor air quality and filter wear in real time.

  • The air quality indicator (VOCs & PM2.5) and the data log give you an accurate and real-time measurement of particle and VOC levels indoors.
  • The filter’s actual wear indicator gives you an accurate reading of how dirty your filters are so that your air purifier always works optimally. The machine will send you a message directly when the filter unit needs to be replaced.


Extremely efficient filtration

By developing filters specific to different professions, our priority is to provide you with a tailored product that will perfectly meet your needs. NatéoSanté has an ongoing commitment to the performance of its solutions.

The filter unit is the device’s key component. The EOLIS Air Manager has an integrated filtration system composed of medical-grade (EN 1822 certified) HEPA H13 or ULPA U15 filters and a very high density activated carbon filter.
The EN 1822 certification (European standard) attests to the quality of the filter. Each filter is manually checked by an operator. Each filter has its own unique reference which ensures its traceability and performance.

The NatéoSanté monitoring system allows you to know your fleet indoor air quality in real time

NatéoSanté monitoring system

Management of air purifiers for professionals

  • View in real time the overall air quality and operational state of your different EOLIS Air Manager from a dedicated, secure platform
  • Control your various connected purifiers from a single screen (laptop, mobile phone)
  • Get instant alert notifications by email in case of maintenance need on one device
  • Check actual filter wear of each professional air purifier and anticipate filter replacements
  • Easy-to-use sytem: by your teams, your NatéoSanté reseller
  • Communicate in real time with users about IAQ (thanks to a display screen for example)