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  • As a pioneering player in IAQ (indoor air quality) expertise, our aim is to make as many people as possible aware of the issues surrounding air quality.
  • Through its range of solutions, NatéoSanté meets all the needs of professionals
  • Our network of distributors in France and abroad reflects our philosophy: expertise, proximity and guaranteed performance.

We help you understand everything about indoor air quality

Our range of solutions for better indoor air

Air Coach

Ideal for monitoring indoor air quality

390 € excl. tax up front and 468 € incl. lower VAT

Air Protect

Everyday prevention and purification

1550 € excl. tax up front and 1860 € incl. lower VAT

Eolis Air Manager

Partner for health and purification

2350€ excl. tax up front and 2820€ incl. lower VAT


Hygiene and comfort for small spaces

665€ excl. tax up front and 798€ incl. lower VAT


Everything you need for optimal protection

185€ excl. tax up front and 222€ incl. lower VAT

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Via its range of products and services, NatéoSanté meets all business requirements.

Medical & paramedical

Protect patients and healthcare staff

Local authorities, nurseries, schools

Welcoming the public, complying with regulations and protecting the most vulnerable members of society

Hotels & restaurants

For a flawless customer experience


Show your employees that you care about their well-being

Hair & Beauty

Protect your employees
and boost loyalty

Your indoor air quality with ease

Measure and display 

to understand and know how to respond

Easily improve the air you breathe

for optimum indoor air quality

Monitor and communicate

to inform and reassure

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Our mission: your health

Since 2009, NatéoSanté has been on a personal adventure at the intersection of societal, technological and environmental issues, in the service of health for all. As a French designer and manufacturer committed to innovation, eco-design and local production, NatéoSanté works every day to give everyone the ability to control the air they breathe. As an expert in indoor air quality, the company supports and advises businesses in a wide range of environments, and meets the most demanding specifications.

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