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Qualité de l’air : open data, l’un des garants de l’action
Air quality: open data as a guarantee for action
National, European and even global monitoring networks, CO2 and VOC sensors, professional air purifiers, connected objects for the general public… measurement is constant both indoors and outdoors. An ever-increasing amount of data is circulating. IAQ is no exception to the rule. Especially since the health situation in Covid-19 has made this issue a major concern, […]
Work spaces: why improving indoor air quality?
Indoor air quality is an issue that is more and more concerning everyone of us. The link between what we breathe and its consequences on our health is now a tangible reality for each and every one of us. How then monitoring and improving this IAQ inside offices and work spaces, where we spend on […]
A comparison between professional and domestic air purifiers: what differences are there?
With the Covid 19 pandemic, indoor air quality has become an even more preoccupying public safety issue. When a domestic air purifier has a main action on pollens, a professional device aims at treating all pollutants and chimical, physical and organic pollutant targets, including viruses, thanks to a combination of prefilter, activated carbon, HEPA H13 […]
EOLIS Air Manager air purifier: 99.6% effective against coronavirus
Tests carried out by an independent laboratory have shown that the EOLIS Air Manager air purifier eliminates 99.6% of coronavirus present in the air within ten minutes of operation. Here are some explanatory details. As a pioneer and expert on indoor air quality issues, NatéoSanté has been involved in the fight against Covid-19 since early […]
How to choose your professional air purifier
The air quality market is taking off. More and more products are becoming available and the number of existing technologies is growing. Navigating the waters is extremely complicated and not all filtration devices are created equal. This is even more complicated in a professional context as the problems encountered are more difficult to manage and the […]
NatéoSanté’s tips
Specialists in air quality, we are here to help you in your search for air purification solutions. We offer you real solutions to help you fight against air pollution.   Learn more about how air purifiers work and the criteria to consider when choosing the unit that best suits your needs! Smells from animals, cooking, cigarette smoke, body […]
Air quality glossary
Air Protect : Le purificateur d'air qui allie mesure du CO2 et purification de l'air
What is an air purifier? What effect does it have on indoor air quality, viruses and Covid-19, health?
The global Covid-19 epidemic, from the initial strain to the Delta and Omicron variants, has put air purifiers in the spotlight. NatéoSanté, a specialist in indoor air quality since 2009, has a long experience and hindsight on the evolution of these devices. Their primary function is to filter and purify the air. Since spring 2020, […]
The NatéoSanté air purifier
An air purifier to improve indoor air quality. The air purifier is an indoor unit that filters and purifies indoor air. Using an air filtration system that removes pollution and improves indoor air quality, the air purifier helps you maintain clean, healthy indoor air on a daily basis and improves your well-being. In fact, to breathe properly, […]
Air quality: What affects our health?
We need air to live. We breathe an average of 15,000 litres of air every single day. The quality of the air we breathe can affect our health. In fact, the European Commission estimates that the average life expectancy in Europe could be one to two years lower in regions with the highest levels of […]