Certifications and performances

NatéoSanté is fully committed to performance. The proof is in the testing

EOLIS Air Manager performance test on coronaviruses
An independent French laboratory, specialist in microbiology, has tested the performances of EOLIS Air manager on a coronavirus strain. Experimental conditions Air purifier tested : Serial EOLIS Air Manager 600S equipped with a Perform+ filter block, consisting of the following components: A biocide pre-filter certified according to EN 14675: 2006 / EN 14476 A high-density activated carbon […]
EOLIS Air Manager Performance Test: Hydrogen Sulphide
What is hydrogen sulphide (H2S)? Hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen sulphide or H2S, is a colourless, flammable gas with a foul-smelling odour. It is an extremely toxic gas, but unlike carbon monoxide (an odourless gas), our sense of smell detects it at very low levels because of its strong odour. It is naturally present in coal, oil, volcanic gases and […]
EOLIS Air Manager performance test: Fine Particles (PM2.5)
EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifier performance report on fine particles (PM2.5) present in the air. Test protocol* The EOLIS Air Manager 600 air purifier is placed in a 50 m3 room. Initial air quality: polluted. The EOLIS Air Manager is switched on at maximum speed (speed 5) for 120 minutes. The PM2.5 particulate matter […]
EOLIS Air Manager Performance Test: Formaldehyde and Benzene
The EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifier: the solution that respects regulations relating to the monitoring of indoor air quality in buildings open to the public (Decree No. 2011-1728 of 02/12/2011 and No. 2012-14 of 5 January 2012) on formaldehyde and benzene.More information about the decree on indoor air quality in buildings open to the […]
The EOLIS Air Manager Passes ETV Testing – Environmental Technology Verification
With the support of the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), the EOLIS Air Manager is the only indoor air purification device eligible and verified under the European Commission’s ETV* (Environmental Technology Verification) programme. For NatéoSanté, this verification is the result of more than two years of work to certify the safety and the […]
EOLIS Air Manager safety test: Healthy and ‘green’ air
Provide a purified space for your customers’ well-being and protect your employees from headaches, respiratory allergies, asthma, persistent conjunctivitis and more.