Le purificateur d'air anti-odeurs Hygeolis vous suit partout et élimine les odeurs de l'air intérieur

Hygeolis: Hygienic, odour-free air purifier
and anti-odour air purifier for small spaces

The air and surface sanitising revolution without perfumes or chemicals

High-performance technology for hygiene and comfort

To make access to clean air accessible to all, NatéoSanté offers a range of facilities:
Purchase in cash or in 3 or 4 instalments free of charge by credit card.
Financing options spread over up to 60 months.
All-inclusive rental service, including appliance and filters.

HYGEOLIS 12V vehicles

HYGEOLIS 12V vehicles

Ideal for treating undesirable odors in vehicles: ambulances, caravans, motor homes, etc.
Activated carbon filter Anti-odour Vehicle
948,00 including VAT - 790,00 ex-tax


HYGEOLIS 220V for small spaces

HYGEOLIS 220V for small spaces

Treatment of unpleasant odours: EHPAD, Hotels, sanitary facilities. Effective fight against tobacco and chemical odours
Activated carbon filter Anti-odour Small surfaces
948,00 including VAT - 790,00 ex-tax



Available in 12V or 220V, the Hygeolis air purifier can be adapted to a wide range of spaces.


Increase occupant comfort in confined spaces.
Thanks to its compact size, filtration system and controlled active oxygen function, the Hygeolis air purifier is particularly suitable for cleaning the air and surfaces in a wide range of spaces, including washrooms (hotels, shops, shopping centres), changing rooms (sports halls, gymnasiums, etc.), mobile homes, boat cabins, prefabricated modules and plant rooms.

The 12V version is also ideal for use on the move, thanks to its cigarette-lighter connection, in motorhomes and vans, commercial vehicles (vans, lorries, pick-ups), tourist vehicles (VTC, taxis), emergency vehicles (ambulances, fire engines) and public transport (buses, coaches, etc.).

Découvrez la présentation du purificateur d'air professionnel Hygeolis : la solution pour un espace sans odeurs

The performance of the Hygeolis hygiene and cleanliness air purifier

• Filter pack, consisting of a biocide filter and a very high density activated carbon filter
To eliminate bacteria, viruses and all types of unwanted odours
• Clean Booster function with controlled active oxygen
Hygeolis cleans not only the air but also surfaces (log2)
• 12V or 220V power supply,
depending on the model, for use on or off the road. Ideal for all types of vehicles and small spaces.
• Surface area treated from 30 to 45m2
Hygeolis is the cleanliness expert for changing rooms, toilets, break rooms, etc.

Système de filtration du purificateur d'air Hygeolis de NatéoSanté

Eliminates all types of odours and hygienises spaces

Tobacco odours

Kitchen smells

Sanitary odours

Musty smells

Animal odours

Body odour



The NatéoSanté requirement

In keeping with the values of NatéoSanté, the Hygeolis professional air purifier has been designed in accordance with the principles of eco-design. Every stage in its life cycle has been designed to have as little impact as possible on the environment.

Made in France

A guarantee of excellence and quality

  • Hygeolis professional air purifiers are designed, produced, hand-assembled and packaged in the Pays de la Loire region, just a few kilometres from NatéoSanté’s head office.
  • Each device is individually calibrated by our quality team, to guarantee reliability and accuracy of measurement over time.


An air purifier that respects people and the environment

  • Hygeolis purifies the air without using any fragrances or chemicals, so it doesn’t pollute the air.


Choose durability and safety

  • NatéoSanté offers you a 3-year guarantee, to ensure you get a long-lasting appliance.
  • Opt for the NatéoSanté performance guarantee: an air purifier designed with resistant, quality components to protect you continuously, 24/7, without any loss of performance over time.

Compare according to your needs

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