EOLIS Air Manager: Professional air purifier

The inelligent air purifier that guarantees healthy air.

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350 m3/hour

From €2,350

Up to 60m2


350 m3/hour

From €2,915

Deep Clean mode with active oxygen


550 m3/hour

From €3,330

Up to 120m2


550 m3/hour

From €3,690

Deep Clean mode with active oxygen

The most complete technology, that of a professional air purifier at the service of your health for complete protection

The performance of the EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifier

Medical-grade filter unit

Highly efficient, tailor-made filtration

EOLIS Air Manager is equipped with an exclusive filtration system, which, together with the power of its turbine, guarantees optimal air treatment. Each filter in the filter unit of the air purifier is individually tested and certified as medical grade (EN 1822-4):

  • Very high density activated carbon filter
  • HEPA H13 filter (or ULPA 15 filter), to capture micro-particles as well as viruses (including those of a size equivalent to the coronavirus responsible for Covid 19)

Our French filter unit ensures the elimination of 99.99% of fine particles PM10 and PM2.5 (results from a scientific test) as well as odours, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), dust, bacteria, smoke, gases, etc.

Feature UV-C lamps / oxidation filter

Advanced technology to purify the air

  • EOLIS Air Manager features germicidal UV-C lamps, to clean the air inside the room.
  • Used alongside the oxidation filter, UV-C lamps destroy VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), gases (NOx), fumes, odours and micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses and fungi) found in indoor air.
  • This feature is easily switched on or off via the EOLIS Air Manager screen.

Feature active oxygen Deep Clean

Purify indoor air thoroughly

This feature, available on the 600S and 1200S models, generates active oxygen (O3) to deep clean the room. This powerful natural agent deals with the most stubborn odours embedded in textiles or carpets, as well as viruses, bacteria and all other microorganisms (mites, mould, fungi, etc.). This function can be used in 2 modes:

  • Mode 1: continuous air treatment, low regular emission
  • Mode 2: Deep Clean in 60 minutes. This mode generates a higher amount of active oxygen, allowing for optimal efficiency when the room is unoccupied. This function is recommended for the rapid removal of microorganisms and unpleasant odours that may be embedded in textiles or carpets.

High-tech pollutant sensors

Air quality assessment and analysis in real time

  • Thanks to its many sensors, EOLIS Air Manager can measure the pollution levels in any room in real time, differentiating between VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and PM2.5 fine particles present in the air. Thanks to its indicators on the screen, it therefore gives users completely transparent information about the quality of the air they are breathing.
  • In addition, it offers a history of the last 12 hours, which can be consulted via the screen.

Actual measurement of filter unit wear

Guaranteed performance over time

  • The embedded intelligence and patented technology of the professional air purifier also enable it to measure the filter unit’s exact state of wear, guaranteeing optimal protection at all times.
  • This way you know exactly when it needs to be changed to ensure the filtration performance of your EOLIS Air Manager air purifier.

Intuitive touchscreen

Real-time monitoring of indoor air quality

The EOLIS Air Manager’s touch screen allows you to monitor the indoor air quality of the room where it is installed:

  • Indicators measuring the real-time indoor air pollution rate (VOCs and PM2.5)
  • Actual filter wear indicator to apprise you of the filter unit’s saturation level
  • Operating speed: manual adjustment or automatic mode (the professional air purifier automatically adapts its speed according to the level of pollution detected)
  • Activation parameters for the various features: UV-C lamp and oxidation filter, active oxygen (Mode 1 and Deep Clean 60 minutes), optimisation of the operating time with the scheduler (time/hour and day/day programming).

EOLIS Air Manager is 99.6% effective against coronaviruses

Tests carried out by a French reference laboratory

  • Tests carried out by the independent microbiology reference laboratory have shown that the EOLIS Air Manager air purifier eliminates 99.6% of the coronavirus present in the air after only ten minutes of operation.
  • EOLIS Air Manager is therefore particularly suitable for use in enclosed and collective areas in order to secure the space from the risks of airborne transmission of coronaviruses, including the one responsible for Covid-19.

To go further with your EOLIS Air Manager

Exclusive monitoring system

Centralised multi-site management

  • Real-time visualisation of operational status and indoor air quality of an installation via a dedicated and secure platform
  • Remote and multi-site management from a single screen (computer or mobile)
  • Instant email alerts when maintenance is required
  • Verification of the actual wear of the filters of each EOLIS Air Manager and anticipation of replacements being required
  • Controllable either by your team(s) or your NatéoSanté dealer
  • Real-time communication with the public and users (employees, patients, customers, etc.) possible. E.g.: screen in waiting room(s), reception hall(s) or meeting room(s)

Accessories for even easier management of your air purifier

Transport trolley and wall bracket

Make your life easier with the accessories designed for EOLIS Air Manager:

  • A transport trolley, allowing you to use the device on the move to purify the air in different rooms (e.g. bedrooms, corridors, passageways, etc.).
  • A wall bracket, to fix EOLIS Air Manager to the wall and limit the floor space

NatéoSanté, a commited company

Healthy air while respecting the environment

The result of many years of R&D, EOLIS Air Manager air purifiers are 100% made in France, eco-designed and certified safe. Their use presents no danger, neither for humans nor for the planet. This eco-responsibility approach has been rewarded with the silver medal from EcoVadis (a platform for evaluating CSR performance and responsible purchasing used in over 175 countries).

French manufacturing

The reflection of NatéoSanté’s know-how and high standards

  • The components of EOLIS Air Manager are durable and of high quality, to protect you at all times, 24/7, with no drifting of measurements over the years.
  • EOLIS Air Manager air purifiers are produced and assembled in France, in manufacturing facilities located in the Pays de la Loire region.
  • To ensure its quality and performance, each unit is individually checked and calibrated by our technical team before shipment.
  • Our models are guaranteed for 3 years.


Eco-friendly professional air purifier

Eco-design being one of NatéoSanté’s first commitments, EOLIS Air Manager has been developed to limit its environmental impact throughout its life cycle:

  • Choice of sustainable, non-emissive materials
  • No glue, no paint
  • Components recycling
  • Low energy consumption
  • Made to last (no planned obsolescence)
  • Actual measurement of the saturation level of the filter unit: use of its filtration capacity at 100%.

Proven safety

An air purifier that respects people

  • The safety of the EOLIS Air Manager air purifier has been verified by the ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) programme supported by the European Commission and ADEME.
  • EOLIS Air Manager is the first professional air purifier in the world to be proven safe. It guarantees a 360° treatment of your indoor air without any risk of release: all pollutants are captured in its filters or directly destroyed. Without danger to health, you can use the device with complete peace of mind.


They put their trust in NatéoSanté

Eric Bouniot, Hairdresser manager of the Bouniot Coiffeurs Créateurs hair salon (France)

“EOLIS Air Manager has considerably improved air quality, we feel more comfortable and it is much more pleasant to work in this environment.”

Éric Bouniot

Hairdresser Manager of the Bouniot Coiffeurs Créateurs hair salon (France)

Eric Bouniot, Hairdresser manager of the Bouniot Coiffeurs Créateurs hair salon (France)

“EOLIS Air Manager has considerably improved air quality, we feel more comfortable and it is much more pleasant to work in this environment.”

Éric Bouniot

Hairdresser Manager of the Bouniot Coiffeurs Créateurs hair salon (France)

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