EOLIS Air Manager 1200

The guarantee of permanently healthy indoor air for spaces up to 120m2

EOLIS Air Manager 1200 de NatéoSanté
EOLIS Air Manager 1200 de NatéoSanté

From €3,330

  • Medical grade filters
  • For spaces up to 120m2

Available option

  • Exclusive monitoring system



Up to 60m2


Up to 60m2
Deep Clean mode


Up to 120m2
Deep Clean mode

EOLIS Air Manager 1200 de NatéoSanté
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An intelligent and patented filtration system

The EOLIS Air Manager 1200 professional air purifier is effective in eliminating the various pollutants present in indoor air. Its on-board intelligence continuously measures IAQ, allowing it to automatically adapt its operating speed according to the level of pollution it detects in the room.

Thanks to its exclusive medical grade HEPA filtration system, EOLIS Air Manager 1200 ensures healthy indoor air for all spaces up to 120m2.

Proven effectiveness on a wide range of pollutants

Dust and fine particles
PM2.5, PM10
VOCs and chemicals
Pollens and allergens
Moulds and fungi

Technical sheet


    • Up to 120m2

    • Max. airflow
    550 m3/hour
    • Noise level min./max.
    18-59 dB
    • Ventilation speeds
    • Min./max. power consumption
    16 – 75 W
    • Dimensions h x w x d
    70.5 x 39.5 x 24 cm
    • Weight (including filters)
    11.7 kg
    • Power supply
    200 – 240V / 50 – 60Hz

    • Interchangeable bactericidal, acaricidal and virucidal pre-filter certified ISO 18184 and NF G39-011
    • EN 1822-certified HEPA H13 medical-grade filter
    • Very high density activated carbon filter

    Germicidal UV-C lamps + oxidation filter feature: removal of VOCs, NOx, fumes, odours, micro-organisms



    • Air quality display
    VOCs and PM2.5
    • Filter wear indicator
    Real-time measurement
    • Air quality history
    Real-time VOC and PM2.5 indicator
    • Automatic intelligent mode
    • Daily scheduler
    • Ultra-quiet night mode
    • Advanced keyboard lock
    • UV-C lamp condition indicator
    • Available languages
    FR, EN, ES, IT, DE, CN


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Filters and accessories for your EOLIS Air Manager 1200

Biocidal and virucidal filter

Bactericidal, virucidal, acaricidal filter.

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EOLIS Air Manager trolley

Move your air purifier easily from one room to another.

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EOLIS Air Manager 7w UV-C lamp

Germicidal UV-C lamp effective against micro-organisms.

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EOLIS Air Manager wall bracket

Mount your air purifier on the wall for safety, aesthetic or space reasons.

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EOLIS Air Manager filter unit

A high performance medical grade filtration system.

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