Air purifiers 
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism

Within the first few seconds of arrival, an establishment’s image depends on several elements including the olfactory atmosphere. Explore our solutions for eliminating stubborn bad odours (stale odours, cooking, cigarettes, old tobacco, etc.) and purifying the indoor air of all pollutants in order to ensure a good first impression by your clientele, to greet them under optimal conditions and thereby encourage their loyalty.

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Enhance your sanitation system and provide your customers with the best possible welcome and experience.

Welcoming the public in restaurants, bars and cafes

Restaurants / Bars / Cafés

Guarantee optimal conditions for reception area(s) conditions and a relaxing experience for your restaurant, bar or café’s customers by providing them with purified air.

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Eliminate unwanted chemical, sewage, kitchen or tobacco odours. Ensure an optimal level of cleanliness for your customers.