A cultural venue must be able to welcome the public in the best conditions. The quality of the indoor air (IAQ) they breathe within the establishment is one of them.

Following the recent reopening of cultural venues, they must be able to offer healthy air to their visitors and spectators. NatéoSanté assists museums, theatres, concert halls, cinemas, libraries, art galleries, exhibition halls, monuments and heritage sites in the implementation of their health security system.
We offer air purifiers adapted to your needs (up to 120 m2 per unit) and a monitoring system to manage the IAQ of your spaces with complete peace of mind.

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Health protocol of cultural venues

Respecting the mandatory sanitary protocol in cultural sites

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government is imposing certain rules that cultural venues are required to respect. The number of authorised spectators and visitors has been limited and barrier measures must be applied (wearing a mask, social distancing, regular ventilation, etc.). Anticipate the future lifting of restrictions and the return to full capacity. Guarantee healthy air for the public and your staff by reinforcing your sanitary system today.

Accueillir le public dans un lieu culturel

Receiving the public in an impeccable establishment

  • Welcome the public in a place that is impeccably clean on all levels, including the air inside
  • Eliminate odour nuisance in confined spaces (musty, sanitary, etc.)
Managing the flow of visitors and the visit tour

Managing the flow of visitors and the visit tour

  • Secure queues and public circulation and grouping areas, in addition to floor markings and physical distancing (entrance hall, show exit, ticketing, shop, cafeteria or candy counter)
  • Control the visitor experience and itinerary (museums, exhibition halls or art galleries, castles, etc.) and purify the air in high-traffic areas (e.g. halls with the most famous works)

What are the sources of air pollution in cultural venues?

Air pollutions sources in a cultural venue
  • VOCs (such as formaldehyde or benzene, from furniture)
  • Cleaning products, paints, varnishes (used on the works)
  • Odours
  • Bacteria and viruses (including coronavirus)
  • Dust and micro-organisms (likely to settle on the works and damage them)
  • Pollens
  • External pollution (nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbons, etc.)
  • Fine particles (PM10, PM2.5)

Our solutions

Explore our solutions to purify the indoor air in your cultural venue

EOLIS Air Manager 600S and 1200S

Up to 120 m2 per unit: reception hall, exhibition room, library, tickeing, shop, cafeteria

Available for purchase or rental from €59 \month excluding VAT*

*flexible rental, price according to rental duration, subject to acceptance of application, financing conditions valid in metropolitan France. For all other countries, please contact us to be placed in touch with our local distributors.



Up to 45m2 per unit: small spaces, sanitary facilities, staff changing rooms, dressing rooms, VIP area

Available for purchase or rental from €18 \month per unit for two units, excluding VAT*

*flexible rental, price according to rental duration, subject to acceptance of application, financing conditions valid in metropolitan France. For all other countries, please contact us to be placed in touch with our local distributors.

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Cultural venues: why choose the NatéoSanté solutions?

Receive your spectators, visitors and readers with complete peace of mind. The EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifier, with its intelligent automatic mode, adapts its operation according to the pollution levels detected in the indoor air.
Thanks to its scheduler function, it can also be set to operate during opening hours. Its wall mounting and locking function make it fully compatible with the presence of the public.

Provide your spectators and visitors with

more than 99.99% clean air

No work required:

simply plugs into the mains (Plug & Play)

Design and quiet:

NatéoSanté purifiers can be discreetly integrated into your scenography without disturbing the public

Enhance the public experience in your cultural venue

Enhance the public experience and add value to your venue

  • Offer a unique experience, a privileged moment of relaxation to the public thanks to a purified indoor air, free from bad smells
  • Distinguish yourself from other cultural venues with an air purifier made in France and eco-designed. Protect and reassure the public and your staff
Protecting your staff from the viruses

Provide better working conditions for the staff of your venue

Staff working in cultural venues are in constant contact with the public.

  • Protect your employees and collaborators from the risks of possible contagion with visitors and spectators. Reduce health risks
  • Allow them to breathe better in their daily work. Improve their quality of working life (QWL)
Efficiency of our EOLIS Air Manager air purifiers against Coronaviruses

EOLIS Air Manager 99.6% effective against coronavirus

Strengthen your health protocol

EOLIS Air Manager is the essential equipment to reassure and protect the public in your cultural venue. Tests have been carried out in an independent French laboratory and reference in microbiology. They have shown that the EOLIS Air Manager air purifier eliminates 99.6% of coronaviruses present in indoor air, after only 10 minutes, thanks to the efficiency of its HEPA 13 filter.

The monitoring plaform allows you to manage your various EOLIS Air Manager

Follow the IAQ of your different areas with the NatéoSanté supervision system

  • Visualise in real time the correct functioning and the indoor air quality status of your various EOLIS Air Manager from a dedicated and secure platform
  • Follow all the purifiers present in your spaces and establishments from a single screen (PC, smartphone, tablet)
  • Be automatically alerted, by email, in case of necessary maintenance
  • Check the real wear and tear of the filters of each device and anticipate their replacement
  • Controllable by your maintenance teams or your NatéoSanté reseller
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NatéoSanté is committed to air quality

Control the air you breathe

The EOLIS Air Manager automatically adapts to the room in which it is located. The device is fitted with sensors that can determine the level of pollution in a room, distinguishing between VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and fine particles (PM2.5) in the air.

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