What is hydrogen sulphide (H2S)?

Hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen sulphide or H2S, is a colourless, flammable gas with a foul-smelling odour. It is an extremely toxic gas, but unlike carbon monoxide (an odourless gas), our sense of smell detects it at very low levels because of its strong odour. It is naturally present in coal, oil, volcanic gases and natural gas, but it can also be emitted by industrial activities (refining, oil cracking, oil and coal hydrodesulphurisation, well drilling, etc.). Hydrogen sulphide is formed by the decomposition of a wide variety of organic substances, particularly during the breakdown of green algae or sargasso.

Assessment of EOLIS Air Manager performance on hydrogen sulphide

The graph below demonstrates how effectively our EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifiers quickly remove hydrogen sulphide from indoor environments. After switching on the air purifier, the H2S concentration decreases by more than 50% in just 10 minutes, from 0.56 ppm to 0.27 ppm. After 3 hours of operation, the purifying efficiency of the purifier reaches 80%.


NatéoSanté Eolis Air Manager performance test results H2S hydrogen sulphide

Test carried out in a 15 m³ room with an EOLIS Air Manager air purifier (model 1200 S) with a Perform+ filter unit on speed 4.


Thanks to the EOLIS Air Manager’s advanced filtration technologies, hydrogen sulphide is efficiently captured and removed from indoor air. It is mainly the powerful action of its Very High Density activated carbon filter that captures this toxic gas.