A micro-organism is a living organism, invisible to the naked eye, that can only be seen with the aid of a microscope.

In order to validate the performance of the EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifier on micro-organisms, two bacteria and moulds were tested:

  • Staphylococcus epidermidis (gram-positive bacteria)
  • Aspergillus brasiliensis (mould, formerly A. Niger) 

These tests were carried out by an independent French laboratory to validate and certify the EOLIS Air Manager’s capabilities on micro-organisms. The micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi, etc.) are effectively caught by our medical grade HEPA or ULPA filters. With a Perform+ filter unit, 85% of bacteria and 96% of moulds were removed in a single pass through the air purifier. The activation of the germicidal UV-C lamps combined with our oxydation filter eliminates a greater number of bacteria: up to 91% in total (under test conditions).

Testing conditions

  • These tests were carried out by the Tera Environnement laboratory, according to the NF B44-200 standard. For this study, the model being tested is the EOLIS Air Manager 1200 S indoor air purifier equipped with a Perform+ filter unit at speed 5. 
  • An aerosol containing the micro-organisms diffuses its contents continuously upstream of the purifier. Air is taken from the inlet and outlet of the purifier and colonies are counted after 72 hours of incubation.
  • The results presented correspond to the average purification efficiency obtained after 5 series of 5 samples.
Size of microorganisms

One step further:

Our Perform+ air purifier filters are highly effective against micro-organisms.
NatéoSanté developed a filter specifically designed to combat nanoparticles: the NanoStop filter. It offers an optimal ULPA U15 filtration against viruses and bacteria and therefore even more outstanding results.