We eco-designed our EOLIS Air Manager professional purifiers as a way of limiting the environmental impact of our air purifiers throughout their life cycles.

Providing our customers with clean air without polluting the environment: a no-brainer for NatéoSanté!

Improving customers’ well-being and quality of life requires our commitment to eco-friendly practices throughout the life cycle of our air purifiers. This starts from the design stage with the choice of materials (non-polluting, easily recyclable, no paint, no additives, no glue, etc.) and continues through to the manufacture and assembly of our purifiers.

By selecting high-quality components, we increase the durability of our products and firmly reject built-in obsolescence. We are committed to providing spare parts and filters throughout the life cycle of our EOLIS Air Manager indoor air purifiers.
A product of eco-design, the decision to use local French manufacturing has enabled us to considerably limit the carbon footprint of our devices. This ‘Made in France’ manufacturing also allows us to benefit from the expertise of local partners recognised in their industries.
Day to day, the EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifier consumes very little electricity. Its low consumption can be further optimised thanks to the scheduler function (schedule device operation—hourly and daily—according to the activity carried out and the environment) or using the Activ’ mode (smart operating mode that automatically adapts its operation according to the pollution levels detected).

Our wellness approach is not limited to air pollution alone, as all forms of pollution must be considered carefully. For this reason, the EOLIS Air Manager is not a source of electromagnetic pollution (no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth waves emitted), and noise pollution is largely controlled by its ultra-quiet operation and smart sound management.

Eolis environmentally-friendly eco-designed air purifier

Proven safety

Choosing eco-design means we can offer air purifiers that have no negative impact on their environment and do not add pollutants to the air.

Eolis air manager lab-tested safe air purifier

“How can you purify the air without emitting pollutants?”

Although this thinking may seem obvious at first glance, don’t be fooled by it! Indeed, not all air treatment systems on the market meet this common-sense criterion, as some air purifier test reports prove.

This is why it seemed clear to us we needed to reassure our users by demonstrating the effectiveness and total safety of our air purifiers through tests carried out by independent French laboratories.

Test results confirm this safety: our air purifiers do not emit any pollutants into the surrounding air (no fine particles, VOCs, NOx or ozone during operation) even with the oxydation function activated. These results also demonstrate excellent purification performance on pollutants typically found in indoor air (particles, VOCs, micro-organisms, gases, etc.). To date, the EOLIS Air Manager is the only air purifier with its performance and safety certified by the European Commission’s ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) programme for innovative eco-technologies.