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Covid-19 : NatéoSanté protège les collaborateurs grâce aux purificateurs d'air professionnels

Covid-19: How to strengthen the health protocol of shops in the context of the 5th wave?

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14 December 2021

On the eve of the end-of-year festivities, a period synonymous with the rush in shops, and in the health context of the 5th wave and the arrival of the Omicron variant, more than ever, shops must find solutions to welcome their customers in optimal conditions.

NatéoSanté explains how professional air purifiers offer additional protection to the public and employees in shops.

Cliente en train de se désinfecter les mains à l'entrée d'un commerce Shops must comply with a series of imposed measures

A professional air purifier as an additional protection barrier

The installation of a professional air purifier is particularly suitable to provide an additional level of protection for the public and staff against the epidemic.

Today exposed as a collective protection against Covid-19, professional air purifiers equipped with a HEPA filter have a much greater range of action since they act on the global quality of indoor air and, consequently, indirectly on the conditions of reception of customers or users and the quality of work life (QWL).

EOLIS Air Manager from NatéoSanté in a restaurantProfessional air purifiers protect customers and employees from coronavirus

Air purifiers fit easily into any working environment and do not require regular maintenance. For customers, they provide enhanced protection and help to create a welcoming atmosphere by reducing unseen nuisances. For employees, the permanent protection against aerosols and pollutants provided by professional air purifiers contributes to improved working conditions and to health and safety at work.

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