Covid 19: lockdown lifting with purified air from NatéoSanté!


The lockdown exit plan was presented on 28th April by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. With the exception of bars, restaurants and theatres, which remain closed and for which a status update is scheduled for 2nd June, business will gradually resume on 11th May. Following this example will be dental surgeons whose practices have been closed, save for a few emergency practitioners, since 16thMarch. We are meeting Philippe Becarelli, one of these practitioners, who has just equipped himself with three EOLIS Air Managers which were delivered at the end of April. The objective: to guarantee sanitised indoor air to his patients.

The office, located in a town on the Loire-Atlantique coast, is still empty but it is ready! Instantly noticeable, a high plexiglass screen can be seen at the reception counter to ensure the protection of the secretary’s health. Distancing marks have been installed.

A reassuring messageis mounted on the wall.

A partnership between NatéoSanté and Dr. Becarelli
Healthy air for a tranquil business with the EOLIS Air Manager. Technology at the service of your health

Avec sa combinaison de technologies NatéoSanté, EOLIS Air Manager réduit la propagation des virus dans l'air

Everything is done or almost done… consistent with the office’s high-tech equipment. The 3D printer supports the quick and custom-made production of crowns made of ceramic: a neutral and biocompatible material. A large TV screen integrated into the ceiling light distracts patients during procedures and allows them to relax. Hygiene is given utmost priority. The latest investment is a washer-disinfector, a kind of medical dishwasher for dental equipment operating at 93°C.

Strict, long-standing hygiene measures

“Since moving here in 1990, I’ve always worn a mask and gloves,” says Dr. Becarelli. When a dentist works in the mouth, he\she uses high-powered tools (a dental turbine, a dental contra-angle) that spray air and water at high speed and mix with saliva (in infected cases, saliva is known to be filled with Covid 19 viruses), thereby creating an aerosol. In practice, therefore, the course of procedures will not change much.

“With the imposed rhythm of one patient per hour, social distancing in the waiting room and in the treatmentroom will occur automatically,” he continues. “My colleague and I will also be able to postpone the start of each appointment by half an hour to avoid two people crossing paths. Then we will have to disinfect the chair each time, the tray … Generally speaking, before the pandemic, patients were not aware of these disinfection and sterilisation measures, even though they were normal.”

In the context of the post-Covid 19 containment release, they will acquire a special meaning with regard to a public that is now aware of the problem.

EOLIS Air Manager: a combination of technologies that reduces the airborne spread of viruses

Equipping himself with three EOLIS Air Manager at the end of April prior to reopening, one for each treatment room and one for the waiting room, is almost obvious for Philippe Becarelli: “I want to set the bar as high as possible to get as close as possible to zero risk. I can’t imagine making a patient ill. We have to prevent, anticipate and reduce any room for doubt.”

EOLIS Air Manager pour approcher au plus près le risque zéro face au Covid-19

His choice was guided by respecting several criteria in relation to his requirements. “First of all, there is the technical performance,” the dental surgeon explains. In addition to being visiblyreassuring, the EOLIS Air Managers complement a general and complete health safety system”.

Combined with the certified biocidal virucidal pre-filter, the virucidal germicidal UV-C lamps and the exclusive Controlled Active Oxygen technology, the EN1822-4 certified medical HEPA filter is up to 99.97% effective on a 60 to 220 nm coronavirus such as Covid-19. In certain situations, the use of a ULPA absolute filter can provide even greater efficacity.

As soon as the pandemic began in France, these combined characteristics of the EOLIS Air Manager have moreover led NatéoSanté to be recommended by the French Healthcare Association as a company participating in the national effort to fight the virus and shipments to be dispatched to hospitals around the world.

A quest for excellence in the service of impeccable patient experience

“Then I wanted a quality product, the most advanced… which gives me the certainty that I’m one step ahead,” Philippe Becarelli adds. “There’s nothing worse than investing in a bad machine. In this respect, I appreciate NatéoSanté’s permanent search for perfection. What’s more, it’s made in France!”

If the lockdown relaxation indicators are in the green, Philippe Becarelli, his collaborator and their assistants are getting ready to spend busy days in purified indoor air: “We have two months of back-dated appointments to accommodate. We’re giving priority to the essentials. We’ll reschedule check-ups and descaling.”