A network of expert partners

Our network of distributors in France and abroad reflects our philosophy: expertise, local service and performance guarantee. Trained in the latest technologies related to indoor air quality and NatéoSanté solutions, they are responsible for providing expert NatéoSanté advice.


A demanding selection process for shared values and commitment

Because our mission is mainly to respond to health-related issues, how we choose our distributors is essential to meet the high standards required by our profession. That’s why we select them based on very specific criteria, which can sometimes be surprising: our greatest interest is the degree to which they share the same human values as we do and their willingness to commit to their mission of providing clean air for all – in short, true partners.
They also meet our requirements in terms of advice, responsiveness and local service in order to guarantee our customers the best possible service. As proof of their commitment, they sign a NatéoSanté partner commitment charter.

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A strong brand and personalised support

Each NatéoSanté partner receives initial training by our NatéoSanté expert technicians and undergoes follow-up training throughout the year. They benefit from NatéoSanté’s brand image, the French benchmark in indoor air quality for more than 10 years, as well as the recognised effectiveness of its products. Their development is supported by marketing and communication tools linked to the brand and by our sales teams who are always ready to help them in the field.

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