We all know that air is the first vital resource for humans, even before water and food. It is therefore essential to take an interest in what we give our bodies to breathe at any given moment. But it is sometimes difficult to highlight the importance of a subject which is inherently invisible. With its 2023 range of CO2 detectors, VOCs and fine particles PM1, PM2.5 as well as PM10, NatéoSanté innovates within the CO2 sensor market linked to companies, offices, communities, nurseries, schools, colleges and secondary schools… Thanks to the data collected by our Air Coach devices, you will be able to guarantee IAQ transparency for your premises.

CO2, VOCs and PM detectors: NatéoSanté revolutionises the market

NatéoSanté innovates within the indoor air quality (IAQ) display and sensor market by offering a range of revolutionary connected measuring devices which go far beyond simple carbon dioxide concentration (CO2), the level of fine particles (PM10, PM2.5 and PM1) or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) displays.

Our connected monitors are both educational and predictive tools, which you can use to monitor and analyse your premises’ IAQ in complete peace of mind, whether in a company, a school or any other public access building.

Moniteur de qualité de l'air intérieur Air Coach de NatéoSanté en mural dans une salle de classe d'école maternelle

A real distillation of technological expertise and the fruit of our 14 years of experience, our range of Air Coach measuring and display devices meets your various professional challenges with all the rigour that has cemented NatéoSanté’s reputation by enabling you to reliably measure your level of exposure to pollutants inside your enclosed spaces and over selected time periods.

The NatéoConnect services package offers multiple advantages

Thanks to the NatéoConnect connected services package, you can remotely access IAQ data for each interior space within different buildings, receive maintenance or threshold violation alerts by email and download the history and analysis reports via a dedicated digital platform.

It is also an excellent tool for optimising your energy costs thanks to certain indoor air quality indicators which help you adjust your heating, ventilation and air conditioning configurations and optimise your ventilation times for responsible energy consumption.

How to measure IAQ to make the invisible visible?

Most pollutants in indoor air such as carbon dioxide, fine particles or VOCs (gases, chemicals) are invisible to the naked eye and odourless. Poor air quality has a direct impact on the quality of life at work (QWL) but also on the quality of life in general, and of course it has effects on adult health and the most vulnerable, such as children and the elderly (difficulty in concentrating and learning, headaches, respiratory symptoms, allergies, asthma, etc.).

Acquiring an Air Coach is a guarantee that you will be able to precisely, and for an extended period, measure the main pollutants in your indoor air and to monitor their concentration levels in a clear and informative way.

The expert display mode on the Air Coach monitor allows to follow IAQ in details

How to act effectively against air pollutants thanks to the data collected?

If you know which pollutants are present, and at what concentration levels, in your indoor environment, you know which measures you must take to reduce the health risks linked to bad IAQ. In order to implement the necessary measures to improve indoor air quality in public buildings (nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools), nursing homes or companies, you must first assess your building’s air quality. By this criterion, measuring the CO2 level in isolation is not enough. Indeed, as the INRS report indicates: “The evaluation of its concentration is an indicator of the containment rate and air renewal quality, but does not constitute an objective measure of a room’s health quality“.

Thanks to its predictive intelligence, Air Coach alerts you through its led light

Thanks to the Air Coach range, you have access to IAQ data and are better able to identify the sources of pollution emissions in order to reduce them: you become a stakeholder in your air quality and control of your environment. NatéoSanté’s solutions help you to prioritise the preventive and corrective actions to be implemented and quickly evaluate their effectiveness.

How to transparently inform and reassure concerning IAQ whilst providing protection?

Measuring and collecting IAQ data and sharing it within a company or organisation is also a good way to communicate about a global CSR approach, including the improvement of indoor air quality amongst its indicators. For the occupants of the premises (employees, teachers, students, the general public), informing them in a transparent manner of the general state of the air quality around them is also a good way of raising their awareness of the correct actions to take whilst reassuring them about their environment.

This first step is the concrete translation of the management’s particular focus (within companies or communities) on health safety (protection, for example, against airborne virus transmission) and the concerns of staff and users regarding indoor air quality.

NatéoSanté Air Coach IAQ monitor hung on the wall in an office