Air Coach: indoor air quality monitor

More than an air quality monitor, a predictive and connected IAQ station

IAQ monitors which make the invisible visible

With Air Coach, you know when it’s time to take action

NatéoSanté is revolutionising the world of indoor air quality (IAQ) displays by offering a true educational and predictive tool together with its associated services. Air Coach goes beyond the simple display of CO2 or pollutant concentrations, it is the first indoor air monitor which responds to your various challenges related to indoor air quality: reception, reassurance, health, IAQ regulations, quality of life at work (QWL) and CSR approach.

Particularly suited to companies and public access buildings (nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools, other educational establishments, nursing homes, retirement homes), it informs you of the state of indoor air quality in real-time and permits you to maintain good IAQ at all times by advising you on simple actions to take.

Air Coach surveils your health security via the Health Risk Index, an innovation developed by NatéoSanté which indicates the probability of airborne transmission of viruses in an enclosed space and based on the different environmental parameters measured.

Thanks to the NatéoConnect service pack, you benefit from services 100% adapted to your needs to facilitate the operational management of your IAQ: access to a remote management platform to monitor your Air Coach fleet (real-time IAQ monitoring, alerts, reports, etc.), personalised support with a dedicated contact, recommendations, training tools and immediate assistance.

Air Coach indoor air quality monitor performance

Indoor air quality analysis

Monitor your IAQ status in real-time

  • High precision sensors for transparent measurement (depending on model):
    o Carbon dioxide (CO2)
    o Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
    o Fine particles (PM10, PM2.5, PM1)
    o Formaldehyde
  • Gauges indicating the airborne concentration of each pollutant and display of the overall indoor air quality status (in educational display mode.
  • History to view one week’s IAQ data and download the previous month’s data.
  • Three display modes: educational, classic, expert: for a clear informational overview as your needs dictate.
  • NatéoConnect Pack: remote global monitoring of indoor air quality in all your spaces equipped with connected monitors.

Predictive intelligence to manage your IAQ

Advice on how to do the right thing at the right time

  • Anticipation of air quality degradation: Air Coach analyses IAQ trends in real-time to inform you, in advance, that a threshold will be reached if no action is taken. With its three-colour signal light, wherever you are in the room you will know when it’s time to take action.
  • Predictive intelligence which allows the IAQ display to guide you: many tips and recommendations to help you maintain good IAQ on a daily basis.

Educational CO2 indicator

Easily measure room containment rates

  • CO2 sensor (NDIR infrared technology) and Air Coach’s signal light alerts you when the level of carbon dioxide in the room deteriorates, thereby indicating that you need to ventilate. This will lower concentration levels and avoid exceeding the danger threshold for your health.
  • Thresholds can be set according to your environment and/or your business.
  • Educational tool: in public buildings such as schools, Air Coach can be used to educate children about indoor air quality. For example, a pupil can be designated in the classroom to monitor air quality, ensuring that the indicator always remains blue (indication of good IAQ) and that the actions recommended by the CO2 display are undertaken. In companies, the air quality monitor will make employees aware of the importance of healthy air for good quality of life at work (QWL).

Health Risk Index: an exclusive innovation

NatéoSanté’s scientific expertise affords effective protection

  • As personal protection measures are not sufficient to avoid contamination by aerosols in enclosed environments, NatéoSanté has developed the Health Risk Index, available on the Air Coach Pro and Pro Formaldehyde monitors.
  • This innovative index takes into account a room’s many environmental parameters to provide you with reliable information about your level of exposure to health risk(s).
  • Ranging between 1-100, it gives you an indication of the risk of airborne transmission of winter respiratory viruses, such as Covid and other micro-organisms. It is your ally in ensuring that you always offer optimal protection to the room’s occupants.

Optimising your energy consumption

Control your energy costs with Air Coach

  • Measuring CO2, humidity level and room temperature: with the NatéoConnect Pack, Air Coach allows you to identify spaces in your establishment requiring adjustment (heating/air conditioning settings) or additional insulation for better energy performance and increased occupant comfort.
  • In tandem with a professional air purifier: Air Coach tells you the appropriate time to ventilate, allowing you to limit window opening and the heat loss resulting thereby, for well-managed energy conservation and reduced consumption.

Quick to install, easy to use

A ready-to-use monitor

  • Wall mounting system and stand included: install your Air Coach in no time at all and according to your preference
  • Compact and discrete format: space-saving device(s) which can be mounted or placed anywhere indoors
  • Contemporary design: conforms to any environment
  • Anti-theft system and childproof mode: for easy locking

To go further with your Air Coach

Exclusive NatéoConnect service package

Manage your IAQ with peace of mind

  • Access to an online monitoring platform: remote management of your fleet, dashboards, maintenance and threshold alerts, reports.
  • Personalised support from an IAQ expert: deciphering and analysing your data, advice and recommendations for improving indoor air quality.
  • Air quality training tools: Masterclasses, resource library, etc.
  • NatéoPro assistance: Five-day-a-week customer service, online help (FAQ, tutorials, videos, etc.)

NatéoSanté, a committed company

Controlling environmental impact without compromising performance

Like the entire range of NatéoSanté solutions, the CO2 and IAQ Air Coach detectors are eco-designed and manufactured in France. At NatéoSanté, eco-design and Made in France are synonymous with quality and performance. Make the choice of a sustainable and secure investment.

Made in France

The know-how and quality of French manufacture

  • Our range of Air Coach air quality monitors are designed, manufactured, assembled and packaged at our production facility in Brittany, France, near our premises.
  • Each IAQ display is subject to rigorous parameterisation and unit control. Particular attention is paid to the CO2, VOCs and fine particle sensors and each display is checked by a technician.


Sustainable and environmentally friendly air quality displays

  • The materials used in the assembly of Air Coach are polluting substance free (dyes, glues, paints) and are recyclable.
  • The CO2 and IAQ Air Coach detectors’ energy consumption is optimised, thanks in particular to the display standby options (screen + indicator light). You can switch off the display in cases of prolonged absence (nights, weekends) and/or when the general air quality status is optimal for more than 30 minutes.

NatéoSanté’s guarantees and assistance

Ensuring reliability and durability

  • Choosing a NatéoSanté solution means selecting a durable device. We offer a five-year warranty on all Air Coach IAQ models.
  • Moreover, you benefit from the NatéoSanté performance guarantee: the CO2 and QAI Air Coach detectors are designed with self-cleaning and self-calibrating sensors and their components are durable and high quality. You are informed precisely and transparently, 24/7, without any long-term measurement deviations.
  • So that you are never alone in the day-to-day management of your IAQ, NatéoSanté is committed to being at your side with the NatéoPro assistance: a five-day-a-week customer service with an IAQ expert for immediate assistance, online help with FAQs, videos and tutorials.

An answer to the challenges faced by communities and companies

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Cultural venues