Air Coach CO2

Educational and predictive CO2 display

Educational display on Air Coach, IAQ monitor from NatéoSanté
Educational display on Air Coach, IAQ monitor from NatéoSanté

From €390

  • CO2, temperature, humidity
  • Downloadable data history
  • Signal light and educational display

Available option

  • NatéoConnect services package for 1 or 3 years


CO2 detector: Air Coach Pro

Air Coach Pro


CO2 VOC particule fines formaldehyde detector: Air Coach Pro formaldehyde

Air Coach Pro Formaldehyde

CO2, VOCs, PM, formaldehyde

NatéoConnect Pack

Exclusive services

Educational display on Air Coach, IAQ monitor from NatéoSanté
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Easily control CO2 concentration in indoor air

The CO2 monitor Air Coach CO2 allows public access buildings, such as nurseries, schools, secondary schools or care homes, as well as companies (offices and open spaces) to directly measure carbon dioxide concentrations. As a containment indicator, it is also your ally in controlling a room’s viral load by acting as a combined Covid CO2 sensor.

More than just a CO2 display, it provides advance warning regarding the room’s aeration in order to avoid exceeding the maximum level threshold (an adjustable limit value). Equipped with a non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR), this CO2 detector helps you control your indoor air quality, thanks to its high-visibility signal light.

In combination with the NatéoConnect Pack, you gain access to a range of exclusive services via the centralised digital management platform: entire fleet monitoring, maintenance and threshold violation alerts, analysis reports, data on outdoor air quality, etc. This pack facilitates the IAQ self-diagnosis to be performed and will be a key element in the development of your action plan to improve IAQ.

Measurement and display of pollutants

NDIR sensor

Technical sheet


    • Min./Max. power input
    1,8 – 3,9 W
    • Dimensions h x w x d
    17 x 18.5 x 3.5 cm
    • Screen size
    8.7 x 15.5 cm (7 inches diagonal)
    • Weight
    0.47 kg (0.82 kg with accessories)
    • Power supply
    110V – 220V / 50 – 60 Hz
    • Wall mounting system
    • Stand
    • Anti-theft system

    • CO2 : 0 to 10,000 ppm
    Accuracy: +/- 30 ppm + 3% of the measured value

    • High precision sensors
    Self-calibrating and self-cleaning
    • Display mode: Educational
    Temperature, humidity, CO2
    • General IAQ status
    Educational gauge
    • Concentration per pollutant
    Gauge per pollutant
    • Action required indicator
    Three-colour signal light
    • Data history
    Device viewable (One week), downloadable via micro-SD (One month)
    • Standby mode
    • Child lock
    PIN code
    • Available languages
    FR, EN
    • Connectable (Wi-Fi) to NatéoConnect services

Further information

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