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NatéoSanté’s tips

Specialists in air quality, we are here to help you in your search for air purification solutions. We offer you real solutions to help you fight against air ...


How to choose your professional air purifier

The air quality market is taking off. More and more products are becoming available and the number of existing technologies is growing. Navigating the waters ...


Air quality glossary

Air Manager: The air manager is a smart high-end air purifier. It purifies the ambient air and allows you to analyse and control the air ...


What is an air purifier?

An air purifier is an indoor device that filters domestic or industrial air, and which is used primarily to remove pollution, improve air quality and purify the air. The purpose ...


The NatéoSanté air purifier

An air purifier to improve indoor air quality. The air purifier is an indoor unit that filters and purifies indoor air. Using an air filtration ...


Air quality: What affects our health?

We need air to live. We breathe an average of 15,000 litres of air every single day. The quality of the air we breathe can ...