Amongst the supportive values of NatéoSanté, are preservation of the environment and quality of the products we offer our customers to improve their indoor air quality. It was therefore inconceivable for us to design and manufacture our solutions other than in France. This 100% “Made in France” approach allows us to contribute, at our own scale, to favouring the local and national economy, virtuous at the social and environmental level.

French style and local economic influence

In order to responsibly contribute to society, we offer sustainable products and services that are based on French and local know-how. Inspiration may originate from elsewhere, but designing, developing and manufacturing our products and services in France is essential to us.

French professional air purifier Made in France Nateosante quality

Our location in Saint-Hilaire-de-Chaléons, halfway between the bustle of Nantes and the Atlantic breeze, is a choice which promotes our employees’ quality of life at work and the dynamism of the region. The majority of our partners are based in or near Pays de la Loire, a region that enjoys a real reservoir of skills. Thus, for the design of our EOLIS Air Manager air purifier, we used a designer from Nantes, whilst the plastics processing is carried out in Ille-et-Vilaine, and the assembly in the Vendée, etc.

This desire to design our products in France therefore allows us to forge partnerships with local companies and thereby participate in the economic and social development of an entire territory by promoting job creation.

Flexibility, sovereignty and decarbonisation: the virtuous circle

For NatéoSanté, it is essential to be able to control and secure its know-how, its supply chain and thus participate in French industrial development. By manufacturing our products on French soil, we reduce the geographical distance between our partners (and therefore also our carbon footprint), as well as their number. This proximity allows us to increase our flexibility and, to respond quickly to our customers’ requests.

In order to guarantee the performance of our professional air purifiers, they are rigorously and individually checked in our premises by a member of our technical team before dispatch. This unitary quality control is a guarantee both of the level of quality and excellence of NatéoSanté but also of the trust that we want to establish with our customers.

“Made in France ”: an example of excellence that radiates throughout the world

French manufacturing enjoys a very positive image, in France of course, but also internationally since it is associated with products of excellent quality, due to France’s recognised know-how and expertise. Moreover, French industry is renowned for its rigour (standards, design, certifications, controls, etc.). Finally, at the social level, France is known for offering its employees and workers favourable working conditions.

The two engines of Natéosanté’s international reach are French savoir-faire and innovation. Our in-house Research and Development teams are constantly innovating in order to develop new products that are always at the cutting edge of technology and meet the challenges of tomorrow. Every day, we work to both “innovate in order to manufacture in France and manufacture in France in order to innovate“.

NatéoSanté has also been a member of the French Tech and French Healthcare networks for many years, whose aim is to promote French companies abroad.

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