French signature and territorial cooperation

To contribute to society in a responsible way, we offer sustainable products and services based on French and local expertise. Inspiration can come from elsewhere, but designing, developing and manufacturing our products and services in France is essential to us.

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Our location in Saint-Hilaire-de-Chaléons, halfway between the excitement of Nantes and the ocean breeze off the Atlantic, is a choice that promotes the quality of our employees’ work life and the vitality of the region. Most of our partners are based in the Pays-de-Loire region. So, for the design of the EOLIS Air Manager, we called upon a designer from Nantes, with plastics processing carried out in Ille-et-Vilaine and assembly in Vendée. This means 80% of the device’s manufacturing happens within 100 km of NatéoSanté’s headquarters.

Opening up to other players and to the international arena

Because everyone breathes, air quality is a universal subject. It can be approached from a medical, scientific, industrial or ecological perspective, or even by specific professions or places of activity. This complexity requires us to open our field of reflection and action to other countries, expertises and perspectives. We can then be a part of creating healthier air beyond French borders, improve our knowledge of the subject and share it with all those who wish to take part in the adventure of breathing well to live better.

We cultivate this openness daily.

  • Since 2013, the share of export sales has been booming, particularly on the Asian market, which is very fond of French savoir-faire. In 2019, export turnover represented more than 30% of the company’s total turnover. Development is picking up speed in new geographical areas that are increasingly affected by extreme levels of pollution.

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  • Internally, the mobility of our employees between the different business lines and projects we undertake encourages them to step outside their usual scope of action and take on the company’s mission in a global fashion.
  • Our services are part of a knowledge-sharing approach. We design educational tools to raise awareness about air quality for our customers and, within our innovation hub, we explore ethical uses and solutions we can derive from the air purification data collected by our air purifiers.