At NatéoSanté, our objective is to take care of your health by improving the quality of the air you breathe every day. Our professional air purifiers are the manifestation of this objective. But how can we design such solutions that would otherwise degrade the planet during their production and use? We sincerely believe that there is a green way to combine manufacturing and sustainability. As a core value of the company, eco-design is at the centre of our approach and our commitments: to offer high added value products, without harmful impact to human health and the environment.

A little history…

It was in 2014 that NatéoSanté launched the development of an air purifier with eco-design combined with 100% French manufacture: a tremendous first in the industry, making the company a true pioneer in the field..

Thierry Ricci, NatéoSanté president and founder
Thierry Ricci, NatéoSanté president and founder

I wanted to create the first air purifier entirely made in France which, in addition to depolluting, was intended to have little or no environmental impact. When I wrote the specifications, I therefore chose to take into account the entire value chain, i.e. the life cycle of our solutions.

Thierry Ricci, NatéoSanté president and founder

However, the path was not easy, as the field was still in its infancy at the time. With the help of the Nantes-based firm Evea Conseil, which specialises in eco-design, Thierry Ricci, the founding president of NatéoSanté, worked for years on the development of EOLIS Air Manager, the very first professional air purifier eco-designed and proven to be safe.

To achieve this, each device component has been carefully selected to minimise its environmental impact.

How does the eco-design approach work at NatéoSanté?

Environmental characteristics have been taken into account for all our products and solution ranges at each stage of their life cycle:

  • Raw materials: Selected materials are non-emissive: they contain no additives or paint and have been selected for their sustainability.
  • French manufacture: Assembly is performed without varnish or glue. Additionally, our air purifier production units are located in France, close to our headquarters, which reduces their carbon footprint.
  • Handling and packaging: NatéoSanté air purifiers are bagged in recycled packaging, and then in wedges and packaging made entirely of eco-sourced cardboard. They contain no polystyrene and are also recyclable.
  • Eco-responsible use: Our solutions have been designed to last: we reject built-in obsolescence. Low-energy and easily repairable, they are the only air purifiers on the market whose safety has been verified, which means that they do not release any pollutants into the surrounding air and therefore present no danger, either to humans or the planet.
  • End of life/recycling: The filter units are recycled to be reused in other forms. The company Clik Eco, with which we have been working in partnership for years, is responsible for giving them a second life. The other components are also recyclable.
Eolis environmentally-friendly eco-designed air purifier
Each stage of NatéoSanté solutions lifecycles has been designed according to the principles of eco-design

Beyond applying the principles of eco-design to its products, NatéoSanté applies this global vision, a true way of life, to the entire company culture. Thus, our teams work in an eco-designed building, in which everything has been devised to have the minimum possible impact on the planet: use of sustainable and responsible materials and optimised energy consumption

On a daily basis, NatéoSanté teams also work, via workshops, on the implementation of new practices and solutions to continue reducing our ecological footprint.

What are the benefits of eco-design?

These choices, having given rise to many years of Research & Development, are now clearly bearing fruit: our air purifiers enjoy a life span of more than ten years (compared to two to three for standard market models). After several years of use, they are as efficient as on day one, even in complex professional environments and in continuous operation (24/7).

“It’s not a fad, it’s an investment. A virtuous circle where everyone wins.”

Thierry Ricci, NatéoSanté president and founder

Completely convinced by the human, environmental and economic benefits of eco-design, NatéoSanté systematically integrates the principles of this sustainable and responsible production methodology into all of its projects, both current and future.