With a true vision of innovation for health, NatéoSanté strives every day to offer better air quality, in order to prevent rather than cure. For our integrated Research & Development team, being innovative means constantly listening to our customers’ needs whilst monitoring the evolution of the market, in order to bring them real added value. NatéoSanté was the first to offer air purifiers with embedded intelligence and intuitive user data displays.

An R&D team dedicated to improving IAQ

At NatéoSanté, we are constantly innovating to meet our customers' needs

At NatéoSanté, the technical and R&D teams have two major activities. On the one hand, they work on new product and service design to clean the air, such as new air purifiers, more efficient filters or connected services. On the other hand, they are responsible for monitoring the products throughout their life: from production start-up to, if necessary, after-sales service and this is the guarantor of their quality. ‌

‌An atypical phenomenon, at NatéoSanté, design and production are grouped together within a single division. This is one of the specificities of our technical and R&D teams: working together on the complementarity of these disparate subjects.


Eco-design for innovation

Eco design air purifier eco friendly company reuse

Including eco-design in our innovation approach was a no-brainer for NatéoSanté from the start. As early as 2014, we investigated developing an air purifier that would have a low environmental impact throughout its life cycle. This is why we have, amongst other things, chosen to use non-polluting materials, sustainable components and optimise our devices energy consumption.

With this in mind, our products must also be easily repairable and recyclable. It took us three years to develop the EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifier, which is completely eco-designed. These human and environmental requirements, which are extremely potent, compel us to constantly innovate and in a greener way for the planet. We are moving in the direction that makes most sense for the entire NatéoSanté team: purifying the air without polluting.

Our eco-design approach