NatéoSanté: sponsor of Emile and Lucas. Objective: the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

NatéoSanté has been a sailing sponsor for many years. Since 2018, our team has been delighted to support Émile Amoros and Lucas Rual, skippers in the 49er sailing category and both hailing from the Atlantic coast. From their debut in Pornic to their first participation in the Tokyo Olympics and now their Olympic preparations to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, we have always been by their side in this incredible sporting adventure.

NatéoSanté: Sponsor of Emile and Lucas on their way to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

What is a 49er?

The 49er is a skiff, a two-man dinghy, steered by a helmsman. As Émile Amoros explains: “It’s an acrobatic boat. We spend our time moving from one side to the other. It’s like a bicycle, if the boat doesn’t move forward, it falls. So we really have to create inertia, speed to have better stability, which will allow us to maintain a nice curve. It’s a very flat boat, very light and has little inertia, which makes it unstable and it tends to always want to overturn”.

Athletes Émile Amoros and Lucas Rual on their 49er
Athletes Lucas Rual and Émile Amoros on the 49er France

Emile, Lucas and NatéoSanté: strong bonds that unite us

NatéoSanté supports Émile and Lucas, in a personal adventure that goes beyond a simple partnership. The fresh air of the open sea, of course, but also a taste for challenge and effort, constant self-questioning and teamwork: this is what motivates our young champions as much as the NatéoSanté team on a daily basis. It is these common values that unite us. How proud we are to see the NatéoSanté name on a boat with such a promising crew that sails to the four corners of the world!

“Innovation is our number one common value with NatéoSanté”

Émile Amoros

Participating in this challenge and seeing our two athletes “grow” over the course of the regattas is a privilege: they are an example of tenacity to all of us and never forget to share their experiences and let us enjoy, as insiders, the excitement of the competitions with them. Indeed, the whole NatéoSanté team is constantly behind its favourite athletes and follows the various events and championships around the world.

The NatéoSanté team has been supporting Émile Amoros and Lucas Rual for years
The NatéoSanté team with Émile Amoros and Lucas Rual

“Air quality has a direct impact on our physical capabilities”, Lucas Rual

Lucas Rual and Émile Amoros with the NatéoSanté air purifier
An EOLIS Air Manager air purifier from NatéoSanté has accompanied them on all competitions

Alerted by NatéoSanté to the health issues related to air quality, Émile and Lucas have integrated it into their preparation for major sporting events. An EOLIS Air Manager air purifier is now part of the equipment that accompanies them to their hotel rooms on the various circuit events.

NatéoSanté went to meet the two athletes during their training for their first appearance at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games.

Everyone with Emile and Lucas for the Olympic Games!