Our team is committed to sustainable development

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Everybody’s talking about sustainable development lately, sometimes to the point of becoming cliché. As a major player in air quality, it is inconceivable for NatéoSanté not to be attentive to the environmental impact of the products we sell. This is why we committed ourselves to the daily task of reducing our environmental impact, through large and small actions alike.

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Fostering local partnerships

We develop local partnerships to promote sustainable development. Located near Nantes, NatéoSanté aims to promote and enhance the expertise of companies in the Pays de Loire region. For design, we called on a designer from Nantes, the exterior covers are made in Ile-et-Vilaine, assembly takes place in Vendée… 80% of the device is designed locally.

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Eco-design at the heart of our approach

NatéoSanté is committed to the responsible manufacture of air purifiers. The environmental impact of our EOLIS Air Manager and Hygeolis air purifiers is taken into consideration throughout their life cycles. To do so, we have the support of a firm that specialises in eco-design. The choices we made have enabled us to limit the energy consumption of our equipment, choose raw materials with lower impacts, extend the life of our machines and more.

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Still focusing on sustainable development, NatéoSanté air purifiers were designed to be recycled as much as possible. Since all our machine components can be separated, each of them can be processed in the appropriate specialised treatment centre, thus guaranteeing optimum recycling. We also offer our customers a used filter collection service to ensure recycling. 

The NatéoSanté team is highly committed to preserving the environment.

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Durable products

The NatéoSanté team develops its air purifiers to be long lasting. At NatéoSanté, there is no built-in obsolescence. The devices are designed to be with you as long as possible. We are committed to making important device components available in case of malfunction.