People are at the heart of our commitments

Personal commitment is one of NatéoSanté's core values

Since the birth of NatéoSanté, our driving force has been the conviction to work for the health and well-being of all and to retain the personal and technological skills necessary to offer solutions that improve the quality of indoor air (IAQ) that we breathe every day. ‌ ‌

As a pioneer in the field of IAQ expertise, we want to increase consciousness of air quality issues to make it a tool supporting quality of life on a daily basis. Our mission is to return air to its essential role: to allow us to breathe, to work, and to live with complete peace of mind. That’s why we are committed to the Breathing Foundation to make our contribution to raising air quality consciousness, our most vital resource.

‌Our mission is being reinforced in France and internationally to encourage air quality consciousness beyond our borders, which is vital to our well-being.

« NatéoSanté permet à chacun de s’assurer que son environnement est sain et protégé. Notre mission est de prendre soin de vous. »

Sustainable development

Sustainable development and eco-design are amongst NatéoSanté's primary commitments


As an indoor air quality pioneer, it is inconceivable for NatéoSanté not to be mindful of environmental preservation. Providing healthy air, without pollution, to our customers is the NatéoSanté philosophy. This is why we are committed on a daily basis, in small ways as well as major challenges, to minimising our environmental impact.

Eco-design is therefore the default for NatéoSanté, in order to minimise the environmental impact of our air purifiers throughout their life cycle. As responsible company members, we have also chosen French manufacturing solutions, in order to limit logistical requirements. All components are produced and assembled locally, in the Pays de la Loire region, and we favour local partnerships.


Technological expertise and performance requirements

The performance guarantee of NatéoSanté solutions is ensured by laboratory verification of their effectiveness


NatéoSanté solutions are the result of many years of Research and Development. The requirement for results is at the heart of our approach and fuels our commitment to continuous product improvement. Our air purifiers are tested by independent laboratories and certified as effective on many pollutants. In matters of health there is no room for guesswork: at NatéoSanté, what we advertise is systematically and scientifically verified.

Our solutions are manufactured with great care. Each device is equipped with a medical quality filter block, exclusive to NatéoSanté, and individually verified before use to guarantee its performance and traceability. This ensures that our solutions are effective: they are as good on day one as they are after years of intensive use. This is the NatéoSanté standard.



At NatéoSanté, we are constantly innovating to meet our customers' needs

At NatéoSanté, being innovative is about knowing how to think outside the box and modify longstanding methods in a new way. Our innovation for health is working towards better air quality to prevent rather than cure. Our integrated R&D team works towards this every day.

This innovative approach is made manifest through the various patents filed by NatéoSanté on our indoor air purification solutions.

We have discarded the idea of a device with a hidden operation to offer eco-designed air purifiers that do not emit pollutants, contribute to responsible behaviour for air quality and discreetly integrate into our customers working and living environments via their design.

“We reject pessimism. We can change things!”

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