NatéoSanté is first and foremost a personal adventure which has motivated our teams for over 13 years. Each employee is committed to fulfilling the NatéoSanté mission on a daily basis: to provide healthy air to as many people as possible.

More than simply skills, it is the personal qualities of each of us that constitute our strength, and the common values that unite us. The diversity of our team (background, experience, interests…) provides our complementarity of skills.

The team of NatéoSanté employees

Our corporate culture motivates us to give our best in order to offer our customers the best: listening, customer service and professionalism are our priorities. And all of this within a friendly working environment: solidarity, help, but also humour and coffee breaks punctuate our days!

To continue working in optimal conditions and advancing the defence of our values, each month we schedule workshops on various themes, in which each employee can participate. A few examples: eco-responsible actions, setting up social events, good “living together” practices … Everyone is invited to suggest a topic and participate in the workshop they like: creativity is accessible to everyone!

The NatéoSanté Team

Our Sales Team\Sales Administration: a team of experts at your service

Our sales force listens to the expectationsand requirements expressed by professionals facing poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Our experts also support our network of NatéoSanté distributor partners in France and abroad. Depending on the problem encountered, our team of advisors is able to suggest the most suitable air purification solutions for optimal efficiency. Available and responsive, our experts advise and support our customers before, during and after installation of their air purification solutions (from first contact to the post-installation follow-up, including space diagnosis and recommendation of the most suitable solutions).

Our Marketing & Communication team: a commitment to ethical marketing

The goals of our Marketing & Communication team are multifold. It must disseminate the topic of IAQ to as many people as possible, promote NatéoSanté’s values and, of course, our range of air purifiers, via editorial and media content, in order to raise subject awareness. As a subject as sensitive as health cannot leave room for guesswork, we have chosen ethical marketing, in line with our values of authenticity, rigour and transparency. What we advertise is systematically and scientifically verified to enable customers to make the correct choice in complete knowledge and confidence.

Our Technical and R&D team: at the leading edge of innovation

In a rapidly growing and evolving market, our technical, Research & Development team is in a perpetual process of innovation. Both in continuous improvement to optimise the solutions we already offer, but also in creation, in order to meet the new challenges and needs of professionals in terms of indoor air quality. All of this is consistent with our values: search for local suppliers and Made In France materials, eco-design approach, rigorous quality control, etc.

Our Administration and Finance team: precision always

Our experts in finance, accounting and administration are the pillars of NatéoSanté. They ensure the smooth running of day-to-day business, in compliance with deadlines and administrative constraints. They are the guarantors of a smooth processing of our customers’ administrative files and also work in close collaboration with our distributor partners to guarantee swift reaction timesand closeness to our customers.