NatéoSanté’s Hygeolis air purifier nominated for Innovation Awards at the MCB 2019


For the first year, NatéoSanté exhibited its Hygeolis professional air purifier, new for 2019, on the Allée de la Découverte at the MCB 2019 and was nominated for the Innovation Awards in the “Connected Products” category.

Hairdressing: a profession where indoor air quality suffers

In the course of their work, hairstylists are required to use numerous chemical products that can be harmful to their health (colouring, perm, hairspray, etc.). Add macro-particles and fine particles (dust, hair, diesel particles, etc.) to these Volatile Organic Compounds and you get an explosive cocktail that exposes hairdressers to multiple symptoms (respiratory allergies, occupational asthma, headaches, etc.).

Installing a professional air purifier in a hair salon helps to clean the surrounding air and makes customers and especially employees more comfortable while at the same time protecting their health.