EOLIS Air Manager 1200S

• For spaces up to 120m². • Active oxygen functionality with medical-grade HEPA 13 filters. • Pricing for up to 60 months, subject to acceptance by Sofinco. • Option available with exclusive monitoring system, see full conditions when requesting a quote.


4.428,00 TTC - 3.690,00 HT

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Disponible sous 48h

Real-time measurement

Thanks to its intuitive display, you can monitor indoor air quality in real time for the space in which the device is installed.

Daily scheduling

You can easily schedule your air purifier to run throughout the day for optimum purification.

Silent purifier

Enjoy the ultra-quiet night mode that preserves air purity in soothing silence.

Quick and easy installation

Your EOLIS Air Manager air purifier can be installed easily and harmoniously in any environment.

Breathe 100% purified air with EOLIS Air Manager 1200S

Designed to purify the air in spaces of up to 120m², the EOLIS Air Manager 1200 professional air purifier will dovetail into any environment to effectively rid the air of various sources of pollution.

It has been extensively tested in independent laboratories, and its performance has been scientifically proven against a wide range of pollutants (VOCs, fine particles PM2.5 and PM10, micro-organisms). Thanks to its intuitive display, you can monitor indoor air quality in real time for the space in which it is installed and the actual filter state of wear.

Equipped with an active oxygen booster, this model is particularly recommended for businesses working in high-risk environments (laboratories, clinics and hospitals, doctors’ surgeries) or who are heavily exposed to pollutants in the course of their work (dentists, chiropodists or hairdressers).

Deep Clean function with active oxygen

Deep clean air

Available on 600S and 1200S models, this function (which can be activated/deactivated) generates active oxygen (O3) in a controlled manner to provide a thorough treatment. This powerful natural agent eliminates the most stubborn odours that can permeate textiles or carpets, as well as viruses, bacteria and all micro-organisms (dust mites, mould, fungi, etc.).

Sources of pollution treated

Dust and fine particles

Pollen and other allergens



Moulds and fungi


Chemicals and VOCs



Technical specifications EOLIS Air Manager 1200S


Area treatedUp to 120m²
Max. air flow550 m3/h
Min./Max. noise level18-59 dB
Fan speeds5
Min./Max. power input16 – 65 W
Dimensions H x W x D70,5 x 39,5 x 24 cm
Weight: including filters11,7 kg
Power supply200 – 240V / 50 – 60Hz

Filter unit

ISO 18184 and NF G39-011-certified replaceable bactericidal, virucidal and acaricidal pre-filterYes
EN 1822-certified HEPA H13 medical-grade filterYes
Very High Density activated carbon filterYes

UV-C / Oxidation

Germicidal UV-C lamp + oxidation filter function: eliminates VOCs, NOx, smoke, odours and micro-organismsYes

Controlled active oxygen technology

Mode 1Continuous air treatment
Mode 2 Deep air treatment (Deep Clean 60 min)


Air quality displayVOCs and PM2.5
Filter wear indicatorReal-time measurement
Air quality historyReal-time VOC and PM2.5 indicator
Automatic intelligent modeYes
Daily schedulerYes
Ultra-quiet night modeYes
Advanced keyboard lockYes
UV-C lamp condition indicatorYes
Languages availableFR, EN, ES, IT, DE, CN

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for up to 60 months

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