R&D at NatéoSanté: Interview with our Director of Operations


Anaïs David, R&D at the service of health

Anaïs David joined NatéoSanté in 2018 and now oversees the company’s entire operational value chain. Responsible for the R&D, production and sales departments, her day-to-day work involves a careful balance between development, design and operational issues in order to provide customers with responsiveness and quality of service.

She tells us about her exciting missions within NatéoSanté.

Anaïs David, Director of Operations at NatéoSanté

What path led you to NatéoSanté?

“After training as a chemical engineer, I went to work for a start-up company in the UK for seven years. There I developed new materials for the aeronautical and automotive industries. This work was more like fundamental research because I didn’t have access to the field of application of the materials I was designing. It is partly for this reason that I joined NatéoSanté. I wanted to contribute concretely and from A to Z to a project, to the development of a product up to its marketing.” 

“I initially chose research and development because it is a job that goes beyond the idea stage. You learn from your trials and you contribute to bringing new solutions to the problems you encounter.”

What are the missions carried out in Research & Development at NatéoSanté?

“I am in charge of coordinating the two main activities of the technical and R&D teams, i.e. the design and development of new products and services to improve IAQ, and the monitoring of air purifiers throughout their life cycle (production start-up, sales, possible maintenance, etc.).”

“I also act as a link between the various technical, sales and marketing & communication teams, like a translator. I either transform feedback from sales and customers into technical specifications, or I work with the marketing team on a new feature that we have developed in R&D. We also develop tests together to validate the performance of our products for our customers.”

“Our challenge is to constantly innovate to differentiate ourselves and bring added value to our customers.”

Anaïs David, Director of Operations at NatéoSanté

What is NatéoSanté’s challenge?

“Our challenge is to constantly innovate in order to differentiate ourselves and bring added value to our customers. We rely on our expertise, our experience of more than 10 years as well as our know-how to provide solutions that meet the strong health issues related to indoor air quality.”

“It is essential to forge solid, high-quality partnerships with industrial companies in our region. We select our partners for their values, which are close to our own, for their specific skills (eco-design, design, software development, etc.) and their ability to make proposals.”

“The Covid-19 epidemic posed an additional challenge for many companies to maintain their production and delivery capacity despite supply difficulties. The Made in France approach that we have had since the beginning at NatéoSanté has enabled us to control and secure our supply chain. We were therefore very responsive during the pandemic and were able to respond quickly to customer requests, which were more numerous and urgent given the scale of the health situation.”

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