Social risks related to air quality


Is repeated sick leave costing your company a lot of money? Is the well-being of your employees important to you? It has been established that mediocre indoor air quality can significantly affect employee well-being, health and productivity. Today, NatéoSanté offers effective air purification solutions to protect the health of your employees and boost productivity in your company.

Indoor air quality directly impacts employee productivity

Air quality is currently a major topic of concern for the authorities, but the first studies on this issue were released many years ago. The first questions emerged in the 1980s with sick building syndrome, and were followed by studies on productivity in offices and schools in the late 1990s. This research proved that a good ventilation system can increase office productivity by up to 10% and reduce illness-related absenteeism.

Of course, not all professions are affected in the same way; some people are much more impacted than others and some sectors are said to be “at risk”, for example:

Salon coiffure pollution air allergie coloration coiffeur laque

Hair salons are places where employees use chemicals on a daily basis that can be highly toxic to employees and customers. These chemicals can promote the development of asthma or eczema (it should be noted that 30% of cases of occupational asthma occur in the hairdressing sector) as well as occupational hazards.

Pedicure podologue purificateur air medical pollution air interieur nateosante

Podiatrists are also required to use solvents such as neoprene adhesive that can cause headaches. They are also in daily contact with fine particulates generated during the creation of orthopaedic soles.

Increase your productivity with NatéoSanté professional air purifiers

Although it is recommended to open the windows 15 minutes a day in order to renew the indoor air, this is not enough to improve the air quality optimally. Your establishment can also have no windows, or be located on a major highway where air pollution is dense. In this case, ventilation will obviously not be sufficient to eliminate the various sources of indoor pollution.

Purificateur air professionnel eolis hygeolis nateosante

EOLIS Air Manager, the 1st intelligent air filtration system from NatéoSanté will allow you to effectively remove indoor air pollution present in your premises and remove fine particle pollution, odors even impregnated and respiratory allergies thanks to a high performance medical grade HEPA filtration system.