Thierry Ricci: “NatéoSanté keeps its promises!”


For the founder of NatéoSanté, a pioneer and expert player in air quality, the EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifier’s 99.6% guaranteed efficacy against coronaviruses is the culmination of years of work, a conscious demonstration of French-style innovation and an approach that is 100% focused on prevention.

What was your first reaction when you learned the results of the NatéoSanté air purifiers’ efficacy tests against coronaviruses?

My first thought was of NatéoSanté’s clients: those who trust us. For more than ten years, NatéoSanté has been committed to guaranteeing the performance of its solutions to our clients.

The test results, supervised by an independent microbiology laboratory, and the 99.6% efficacy demonstrated against coronaviruses, confirm the design and technological directions pursued by the EOLIS Air Manager since its launch in 2016.

Efficiency of our air purifier EOLIS Air Manager against Coronaviruses

In addition to the HEPA 13 filters, we have taken care of every detail, the plastics used and the quality of the rubber seals. These demonstrate our efforts with regard to the unit’s hermetic integrity. Everything that is sucked into the machine remains within the machine. Even when we talk about tiny viral particles such as those relating to coronaviruses which are between 0.06 and 0.14 micron in diameter. They are therefore even smaller than PM2.5 level fine particles!

One mustn’t forget, of course, the appliance’s safe operation: it does not generate any pollutants during operation.

These tests confirm the performance of our professional air purifiers: we have many years of experience and have been experts in indoor air quality for over ten years.

The EOLIS Air Manager has been designed from inception to provide versatile and comprehensive treatment. It is highly efficient in the following three areas:

  • Microparticles and nanoparticles
  • VOCs such as Formaldehyde and Benzene to comply with the Indoor Air Quality Decree

  • Micro-organisms

This is in contrast to general consumer models which will only deal with certain aspects of air purity such as cat hair, pollen…

What impact does this have for NatéoSanté?

Efficiency of our EOLIS Air Manager air purifiers against Coronaviruses

Here again, the first impact is first and foremost for our customers: our air purifiers can be considered as a long-term effective solution. It is an investment: especially in these uncertain times. We are currently enduring the Covid 19 virus. Even with a vaccine, experts agree that we will never really be safe from future epidemics. For the foreseeable future, we are going to have to live with this type of virus.

Covid 19’s second wave demonstrates a different response from our customers. We do not have the spring peak but instead a sustained demand. Companies, in particular, want to find and implement long-term solutions to ensure the continuity of their activities in office spaces, open spaces… whilst being able to reassure their employees.

On the strength of its experience, NatéoSanté is now an additional dimension of advice and support.

Is this a form of recognition for the NatéoSanté team?

We were committed and were proud to be at the introduction of the EOLIS Air Manager which embodies French-style innovation! It is the recognition of an entire team’s work which is dedicated to excellence.

Being referenced, during the first wave of Covid 19, by the French HealthCare Association as a company participating in the national effort to combat the pandemic gave additional impetus to our efforts.

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