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Air purifiers
Pedicurists / Podiatrists

Podiatrists and pedicurists should pay particular attention to the indoor air quality of their practices

The profession of chiropodist is one of the most affected by indoor air quality. They are constantly in contact with products that can be dangerous for their health, but also for that of their patients. The indoor air in the practice therefore requires in-depth treatment, which NatéoSanté offers through its various professional air purifiers.

Your needs

Protecting yourself from occupational diseases

Many pedicurists and podiatrists become sensitive to the chemicals they use in their work. Particles released when buffing nails or the soles of the feet (during a pedicure) find their way into the airways and cause many respiratory disorders (headaches, loss of sense of smell, respiratory allergies, asthma, sinusitis, etc. Inhaling fumes from cork, rubber, glues and solvents used in the manufacture of orthopaedic insoles can also be harmful to health.

Removing bad odours

of the practice

The vast majority of podiatrists encounter problems of persistent odours in their workshops. These also invade the various areas of their practices (waiting room, consultation room) and can bother the patients.

What are the sources of air pollution in podiarists’ and pedicurists’ practices?

  • Solvents, adhesives (neoprene, etc.)
  • PE, PU, EVA, resin
  • Particles cleared by the sanding
  • Dust, PM2.5
  • Rubber
  • Cork
  • Odours
  • Viruses, bacteria
  • VOCs (including formaldehyde)
  • CO2

Our solutions

Explore our professional solutions to purify the air of your practice


Pedicurists and podiatrists: why choose EOLIS Air Manager ?

Our specially designed filters for pedicurists and podiatrists remove fine particles, VOCs (varnishes, adhesives, solvents, etc.), unpleasant odours (including neoprene).



icône bénéfices

No installation work necessary:

simply plugs in to any electricity socket (Plug & Play)

icône bénéfices

captures 99.97% of the pollutants

icône bénéfices

removes 99.6% of the coronaviruses


Offer the experience of healthy air in your practice

The EOLIS Air Manager is the only device capable of effectively eradicating all pollutants presents in your practice.

EOLIS Air Manager is 99.6% effective against coronaviruses

EOLIS Air Manager is the indispensable equipment of your health security device for pedicurists and podiatrists to welcome and reassure the clients. Tests carried out by an independent laboratory, specialist in microbiology, have shown, after only ten minutes of operation, that the EOLIS Manager air purifier eliminates 99.6% of the coronaviruses present in the air.



Provide your patients with a comfortable environment

and enhance your practice

The EOLIS Air Manager professional medical-grade air purifier provides real comfort for you and your patients. They will enjoy their session in purified air, free of pollutants and odours. Moreover, by taking into account the well-being of your patients, EOLIS Air Manager will allow you to enhance the value of your pedicure / podiatry practice thanks to this additional service of clean air.


Simply manage your various EOLIS Air Manager

thanks to the NatéoSanté monitoring system

  • Real-time display of the operational state and overall air quality of the various EOLIS Air Manager from a platform
  • Remote and multi-site control on a single screen (computer, mobile phone)
  • Instant alert notifications (by email) in case of maintenance need on an air purifier
  • Check of the filters on each EOLIS Air Manager for wear
  • Can be controlled by your teams, your NatéoSanté reseller
  • Easy real-time communication with patients (For example: scren in the waiting room or the consulting room)

Our commitments

NatéoSanté is committed to air quality

Control the air you breathe

The EOLIS Air Manager automatically adapts to the room in which it is located.
The device is fitted with sensors that can determine the level of pollution in a room, distinguishing between VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and fine particles (PM2.5) in the air.


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