Professionals: control the IAQ of your establishments with the NatéoSanté monitoring system


Whether it is a question of providing healthy air to clients, patients, students, the general public or providing a pleasant working environment for its staff, indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns every person and every profession. The health crisis that began in March 2020, as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic, has further reinforced this concern, with the appearance of new challenges for professionals, such as guaranteeing that the public is received in optimal safety conditions within their establishments.

NatéoSanté gives you the keys to optimise the indoor air quality of your spaces, through its air purification solutions and its exclusive monitoring system, to allow you to centrally manage all your professional air purifiers.

EOLIS Air Manager hospital room
Indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns every person and every profession

Centralised management of the EOLIS Air Manager to control indoor air quality in all circumstances

In addition to frequent airing of your workspaces and good ventilation, a professional air purifier offers you the guarantee of superior indoor air quality in your facilities.

NatéoSanté has designed EOLIS Air Manager, the first smart air purifier for professionals and for intensive use. It automatically adapts to the level of pollution of the room, thanks to its onboard technology (embedded sensors), to continuously guarantee purified air.

The EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifier is 99.6% effective against coronaviruses (including the one responsible for the Covid-19 disease): it can fully integrate into your health reassurance system and thus allows you to welcome the public in complete safety.

Professional air purifier effective against coronavirus covid-19
The EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifier is 99.6% effective against coronaviruses

In line with this will to guarantee purified air in all circumstances, NatéoSanté has developed an exclusive multi-site monitoring system, which aims at helping health professionals, company directors, hotel, restaurant, school or retirement home managers, etc. in managing indoor air quality in the spaces where they installed air purifiers.

A real management tool, it allows you to improve the IAQ of your establishments by displaying in real time the overall air quality status of your facilities and the level of pollution in the areas equipped with an EOLIS Air Manager.

The NatéoSanté monitoring system allows you to visualise your air purifier fleet and the overall IAQ

Guaranteed protection against air pollutants and improved working conditions

The EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifier is highly effective in all types of environments, including those that are extremely polluted as a result of the profession itself.

Depending on your activity, certain pollutants are more present than others in your premises. For example, healthcare personnel breathe in more vapours, due to disinfectant fumes, while restaurant staff is more likely to be confronted with odour problems (kitchen, smokes). Likewise, hairdressers are exposed to fumes from hairdressing products, dentists to toxic dusts and organic vapours, podiatrists and pedicurists to solvents and sanding particles, etc. These occupations are therefore the most likely to cause professional diseases.

With its combined exclusive tecnologies, EOLIS Air Manager reduces virus propagation in the air
Some activities expose professionals to sources of air pollution

Thanks to EOLIS Air Manager and the centralised fleet management system, you can continue your business activity with complete peace of mind. The purifier filters all pollutants (99.97%) from the indoor air and the multi-site monitoring system instantly alerts you in case of high air pollution levels and/or there is a need to change the filter unit on a device. As some professional activities generate increased emissions of chemical pollutants, the purifiers may indeed require regular filter changes. Thanks to the alerts sent from the management platform, you will be able to anticipate the replacement of filters and ensure optimal operating conditions for your various air purifiers.

In hospitals, medical and paramedical practices, EOLIS Air Manager also protects the health of all. The professional air purifier limits viral cross-contamination, just as it reduces the risk of contagion between residents of a retirement or care home and children in nursery or at school.

An asset for reassurance and well-being in your establishments

In all places open to the public as well as in offices, it is essential to be able to reassure customers, patients, teachers and students, residents and families and employees, that their well-being and comfort are taken into account.

The NatéoSanté monitoring system, through its multiple indicators, provides you with numerous indications on all your EOLIS Air Manager (overall IAQ status, VOC and PM2.5 rates, filter wear level, etc.). The platform’s control screen can be easily reproduced (e.g., on a display screen placed in the waiting room, reception area, classrooms or canteens, etc.) in order to convey this information to the public and raise awareness about indoor air quality, while reassuring them at the same time.

EOLIS Air Manager and its fleet management system protect everyone, including the most sensitive people

This is a real asset because it allows you to enhance the value of your establishment. Indeed, the public will be more likely to return to a place that meets their requirements in terms of reassurance or well-being, which will generate their trust and loyalty.

In companies, this will help your employer brand to attract and retain employees. Moreover, taking care of your employees’ environment can be an integral part of your CSR approach and how you participate in improving working conditions.

Thanks to data feedback, anticipate the maintenance of your air purifiers

The EOLIS Air Manager fleet management system immediately warns you by email in the event of an anomaly or malfunction on one of your air purifiers. The notification will tell you exactly why the alert has occurred (open or incorrectly positioned front panel, blocked fan, missing filter, saturated filter unit, etc.) and which device is affected. Thanks to this system, you can act promptly, which saves you time in solving the problem immediately.

In addition, in order to guarantee performance, the actual level of filter wear is directly shown on the monitoring platform, which can be accessed from anywhere, from any screen (computer or mobile phone).

The monitoring platform can be accessed to from any screen (smartphone, computer, tablet).

You are also automatically notified when your filter block reaches 80% clogging. This essential information allows you to make sure your various EOLIS Air Manager are always operating in optimum conditions.

In a perspective of predictive maintenance, this alert helps you to anticipate future filter replacements and to ensure the protection of the room’s occupants.

NatéoSanté innovation to guarantee continually purified indoor air

The NatéoSanté centralised management system is then integrated into your overall indoor air purification system. In addition to purifying the air thanks to the EOLIS Air Manager air purifiers, it provides you with the solution to compensate for possible breakdowns in the optimal functioning of your purifiers.

Thanks to this evolution and to the innovative combination of our know-how, NatéoSanté helps you to guarantee a permanently purified air in your establishments, by meeting the stakes of health security in normal situation or in period of pandemic, whatever your profession and your activity sector.

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