Health / Medical

NatéoSanté chiropodist podiatrist medical air purifier indoor air pollution

Pedicurists and Podiatrists

Discover our solutions for cleaning the air in your premises and protecting yourself from occupational diseases like asthma, allergies, sinusitis, etc.

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Medical practices

Prevent viruses and bacteria from proliferating and filter out different sources of pollution from the air (particles, VOCs, odours, etc.)

					NatéoSanté medical air purifier hospitals clinics indoor air pollution microbes bacteria viruses

Hospitals / Clinics

Discover our air treatment devices for thoroughly disinfecting the air in your establishment and preventing the spread of viruses, illnesses, hospital-acquired diseases, etc.

Dentist dental technician practice pollution air quality medical air purifier nateosante

Dentists and Dental Technicians

Remove micro-organisms, chemical pollutants and particles from your premises and protect yourself from indoor air pollution (occupational asthma).

NatéoSanté elder care homes indoor air purifier pollution

Care homes and retirement homes

Effectively eradicate stubborn odours (body odours, cleaning products, cooking smells, etc.) and micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) from your indoor air with NatéoSanté professional air ...