How to protect yourself against the airborne transmission of Coronavirus (Covid-19)?


Mask against coronavirus: is it effective?

Surgical masks, for medical use, are generally worn in operating theaters and are dedicated to preventing transfers of bacteria or viruses from the surgeon to the patient. It is known that the Covid-19 coronavirus is spread much like the flu, from human to human, by contact or air.

The surgical mask is particularly suitable for suspected infected people to limit the risk of transmission. It must however be replaced every 3 hours, and in no case reused. It is therefore necessary to use at least a Type II medical mask in compliance with standard NF EN 14683.

In prevention, the mask can act as a barrier to the virus, especially if you have been exposed in a public place, but you must then opt at least for FFP2 type masks, uncomfortable for long periods of time and more generally reserved for healthcare staff. It is also important to make sure to position them correctly on the face and replace them regularly.

Professional air purifier against coronavirus: is it effective?

It is first of all important to differentiate between home air purifiers and professional air purifiers. Air pollution is a mixture of particles, gases, chemical compounds and microorganisms that are very different from one environment to another, with sometimes very high concentration levels per cubic meter. A domestic air purifier can be completely ineffective in an environment with specific pollutants and in high concentrations, a domestic environment generally presenting much less pollutants than a medical or professional environment (workshop, hairdressing salon, open space, school…). It is also necessary to take into account sensitive, exposed or weakened people (elderly, children, pregnant women, immunocompromised or cancer patients…). When the situation presents health issues, the choice of a professional air purifier is essential.

Comment se protéger du Coronavirus en France

The professional air purifier EOLIS Air Manager is the most complete device on the market. EOLIS Air Manager brings together all the most reliable technologies, without any compromise. It is the professional French air purifier dedicated to all complex health situations. In particular, it effectively reduces the spread of viruses in the air, including coronaviruses such as Covid-19, thanks to its unique combination of technologies:

  • a biocidal viricidal prefilter certified ISO 18184:2019 and NF G39-011
  • a medical HEPA filter certified EN1822-4 with an efficiency up to 99.97% on a coronavirus of size ~ 120-150 nm such as the Covid-19. Each filter is made in France and is supplied with a unique certificate presenting its airtightness report. It is checked manually and also numbered for traceability. EOLIS Air Manager measures and displays in real time the effective clogging of the filter to guarantee optimal filtration (patented functionality)
  • OSRAM PURITEC® HNS® virucidal germicidal UV-C lamps. These lamps are specifically used in hospitals and offer stability of performance throughout their lifetime.
  • The exclusive Controlled Active Oxygen® technology (available only on EOLIS Air Manager 600S and 1200S) completes the filtration combination and reinforce the viricidal action.
Comment se protéger du Coronavirus en France avec les purificateurs d'air

“EOLIS Air Manager reduces exposure to the Covid-19 coronavirus when it is present in the air. It responds to the current situation and helps protect people from the global epidemic. It is particularly beneficial in medical environments to avoid cross-contamination and in a professional environment in order to protect employees and maintain economic activities. “

Our HEPA filters, made in France, rigorously manually controlled and individually certified according to the EN 1822-4 European standard, are an essential requirement for a promise of quality and high efficiency.

EOLIS Air Manager is also the first and only air purifier verified for its performance and harmlessness under the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program, created by the European Commission.

Purificateur air professionnel eolis air manager medical etv test performance

As soon as January 2020, NatéoSanté shipped professional air purifiers to China, to hospitals in Wuhan. The subject is sensitive and worrying. New outbreaks of cases of infected people are developing around the world, including in Europe. In this particular context, the NatéoSanté team is mobilizing for “clean and healthy air for all”, and hopes that the concerted efforts of all professionals can quickly eradicate this virus.