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For several years, the origin and place of production of the products that consumers and professionals buy have become very important.

The health crisis linked to the Covid-19 epidemic has further accentuated this trend, with a strong desire from buyers to acquire goods that are produced on the French territory.

In this article, NatéoSanté tackles its “Made in France” approach, which makes an integral part of its values, as well as the laws governing French manufacturing and the image it benefits from, both domestically and abroad.

French manufacturing as a support to national companies

According to an Ifop survey conducted in July 2018, the “Made in France” criterion has a particular meaning for many French people, especially as French manufacturing is associated with supporting national employment and know-how.

This is one of the reasons why NatéoSanté chose to produce its air purification solutions in France several years ago.

Manufacturing of an EOLIS Air Manager in our production units based in France
NatéoSanté has chosen to manufacture its solutions in France to guarantee their performance

In our desire to favour the expertise of companies in close geographical proximity, we have gone even further by choosing to work with partners located in the immediate surroundings of our premises, between Nantes and Pornic. Most of them, such as the designer of our devices, are located in the Pays de Loire region, less than 100 kilometres away from our head office. The components of our professional air purifiers are produced, assembled and conditioned locally.

The choice of French production in line with a CSR approach

The Covid-19 crisis has increased the willingness of French companies to relocate their sourcing within the country, as a study by Agile Buyer has shown. Today, a quarter of them wish to relocate their supply to France or Europe (compared to 16% at the beginning of 2020).

In addition, we have been deeply committed for a long time to a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, particularly in terms of sustainable development. This is why our products are eco-designed, in order to limit their environmental impact throughout their life cycle. In concrete terms, we choose raw materials and materials that are non-emissive and additive-free. Our professional air purifiers consume little energy and are designed to be sustainable, repairable and recyclable.

Made in France is not for everyone

Brands cannot label their products “Made in France” without complying with a series of rules and standards imposed by French and European laws.

In order to claim that its products are made in France, a company must ensure that they comply with the non-preferential origin criteria set by the Customs Code and the European Union. These rules make it possible to establish the “nationality” of a product when production factors from several countries are involved in its manufacture.

NatéoSanté professional air purifiers are manufactured in France, in the Pays de la Loire region
NatéoSanté professional air purifiers are manufactured in France, in the Pays de la Loire region

According to the European Commission, “there are two basic concepts to determine the origin of goods namely wholly obtained products and products having undergone a last substantial transformation”.

  • Products having undergone a last substantial transformation

In most cases, this means that the finished product has changed its customs code (the customs code of the finished product is different from that of the raw materials and components). This rule applies to certain categories of products, such as cosmetics, board games, etc.

  • Wholly obtained products

These products must respect a minimum threshold of added value produced in France of the ex-works price.

NatéoSanté air purifiers obviously belong to this last category of wholly obtained products, with their design, manufacture, assembly and conditioning entirely made in France.

NatéoSanté, committed to promoting French expertise

In this perspective of wanting to contribute to the dynamization of the local territory, NatéoSanté has been a member of La French Tech Nantes since late 2019. This movement brings together all the players in the digital and innovative ecosystem of the Nantes region. This community includes entrepreneurs, decision-makers, investors and associations, whose objective is to promote French excellence internationally.

Logo la French Tech Nantes partner NatéoSanté

Initially oriented towards the promotion of start-ups in the technological field, French Tech also includes companies with an industrial dimension.

In addition, NatéoSanté is a member of the French Healthcare association, which aims to promote French excellence in global health. As part of the handling of the Covid-19 epidemic, we were listed as a company participating in the national effort to fight the pandemic, thanks to the effectiveness of our professional air purifiers, in the category of hospital air treatment/disinfection.

Logo French Healthcare partner NatéoSanté

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