Why should hotels monitor indoor air quality?


Quality of sleep, percieved experience of the stay, health reassurance for the staff and customers during the world pandemic… Even if there is no reglementation regarding Indoor Air Quality in the hotels for now, hospitality professionals should monitor and improve it in their hotels for many reasons.

Hoel pollution indoor air quality professional air purifier
Indoor air quality within hotels has now become an important issue for the customer experience

An essential health reassurance issue during the Covid-19 crisis

Since the beginning of 2020, the planet is suffering the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for the Covid-19 disease. We had to change our personal as well as professional lifestyles.

Hotels, in particular, now have to meet a new need expressed by their customers: being able to offer them optimal health security within their establishments.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, financial losses are important. How to restart economic activity? How to establish long-term solutions in order to offer customers the best hospitality, and staff the safest working conditions?

Equipping yourself with professional air purifiers, such as NatéoSanté’s EOLIS Air Manager is a solution. Indeed, the exclusive technologies of its Perform+ filter block (which integrates a medical quality HEPA filter) have been tested and proven effective against virus propagation. This device removes 99.6% of the coronavirus-like viral load from the air of a room.

The EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifier is 99.6% effective against coronaviruses
The EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifiers have been tested and proved effective against virus propagation. They eliminate 99.6% of the coronaviruses present in the air

Besides applying barrier measures and physical distancing, the professional air purifier thus minimizes the risks of airborne transmission of the virus responsible for the Covid-19 disease. It offers a substantial reassurance element for your customers and staff.

Despite the development of the vaccine, specialists agree on saying that we will have to live along with the virus for an undetermined period of time. Equipping your establishment with a NatéoSanté professional device, unlike with a domestic one, represents a long-term investment for your hotel.

Indoor air quality is at the heart of service and customer experience

Once reassured, as far as possible, regarding the propagation risks of the SRS-CoV-2 virus, the clients expect to enjoy their stay in a hotel that is as much comfortable and welcoming as possible. The establishment must comply with their requirement level, by offering them excellent services

Many factors are then considered into the global appreciation of their experience. The quality of the air they breathe is now an integral part of it. Indeed, what’s more unpleasant than smelling bad odours when entering a hotel?

These can come from different sources, such as kitchens or household products. Pollutants, present in the air, can also be released by paints and surface coatings of the building. It can be pollen or dust as well. Moreover, when there are pollution peaks, the density of PM2.5 and PM10 fine particles is also likely to increase within indoor air. These disturbances are linked to a poor indoor air quality and have direct consequences on the customer experience.

Which pollutants can be found into the indoor air of hotels?

Three big pollutant families of indoor air can be found in the hotels:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), released by surfaces or furniture paints, by household products, etc.;
  • Fine particles, micro and nanoparticles, from PM10 to PM0.1, in the form of pollen, dust, etc.;
  • Microorganisms: these are bacteria, viruses and mites suspended in the air, that can neither be seen nor smelt.

Moreover, a poor indoor air quality will involve sleep disorders, particularly for the persons suffering from sleeping apnea (which represents 2 million people onl in France), as demonstrated by a study conducted by the American Thoracic Society in 2017.

All these factors make it crucial for hospitality professionals to foster customer satisfaction and improve their wellbeing, by acting against the diverse air pollution sources (odours, dust mites, bacteria and viruses including coronaviruses, mould, VOC, etc.).

By controlling the quality of the air, you will get a real competitive advantage. Reassuring the clients on the sanitary device implemented within the hotel is indeed an excellent way of attracting and retaining them.

A professional air purifier is an odour destroyer for hotels too

In order to maintain a good air quality into the hotel establishments, it is recommended to renew the air by opening the room windows as often as possible. In practice, it sometimes turns out to be difficult, especially in winter during low temperature periods. However, not ventilating closed spaces will foster the propagation of viruses and bacteria.

Hotel premium services clean air air purifier allergy asma nateosante
Bad smells which are impregnated in hotel rooms can lower their occupancy rates

Made in France, NatéoSanté’s professional air purifiers offer a complementary solution to ventilation. Thanks to their active oxygen Deep Clean and Clean Booster functions, EOLIS Air Manager and Hygeolis disinfect the air of the room and quickly make it operational (in 30 or 60 min). Thus, our air purifiers ensure that the air is cleaned at more than 99.99%, without any alteration of the customer acoustic comfort.

The monitoring system and touchscreen of every device enable you to monitor in real-time conditions the air quality of every room that is equipped with an EOLIS Air Manager (rooms, kitchens, staff locker rooms, etc.).

NatéoSanté’s professional air purifiers: the effective and long-term solution against bad odours

EOLIS Air Manager and Hygeolis have a direct action on odour problems, by catching and destroying the particles causing malodour, thanks to their very high density (VHD) activated carbon filter. They are particularly effective against smelly drains, musty smells, as well as tobacco smells. These last ones can indeed remain impregnated for a long time into the rooms’ carpets or curtains. They can end up ruining a customer’s experience, who will ask to change rooms, or worse, will leave the hotel for another one. The rooms which are concerned by these odour issues often have a much lower occupancy rate than the other ones.

NatéoSanté’s air purifiers offer a natural, discreet and chemical-free solution to bad smells, unlike home fragrances or scented candles. These last ones not only have a partial action on odours by only masking them, but also cause headaches because they release VOCs and fine particles… ending up causing higher air pollution.

A tested and approved solution by hospitality sector professionals

Because there is nothing like listening to a professional who has the same issues as you do, we let you discover Mathieu Guibert’s testimony. Mathieu Guibert is managing the Anne de Bretagne hotel (La Plaine-sur-Mer, France).

He explains how the EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifier is at the core of its customer experience strategy and contributes to improve it.

NatéoSanté’s experts will be happy to answer all your questions on Indoor Air Quality and help you setting the right solutions within your establishment.

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