The air quality market is taking off. More and more products are becoming available and the number of existing technologies is growing. Navigating the waters is extremely complicated and not all filtration devices are created equal.

This is even more complicated in a professional context as the problems encountered are more difficult to manage and the filtration requirements are greater.

See our experts’ advice on choosing the right solution for your air quality concern.

					How to choose professional air purifiers and filters

How do you choose an air purifier for everyday use?

  • Choose a device that’s appropriate both for the size of the room you want to equip and for the issues you want to address
  • Choose a device with integrated filters, the only solution for effectively capturing airborne pollutants. For optimal efficiency, remember to change your filters regularly
  • Idéalement, choisissez un dispositif qui mesure l’encrassement des filtres en temps réel et pas seulement un timer
  • Choose a device that allows you to view your air quality in real time. Ideally, the VOC and particulate matter levels would be shown separately
  • It is essential to choose a device certified by an independent laboratory and shown to be effective for the issues you want to address
  • If you want to fit out several spaces, choose a device that offers monitoring software. This will allow you to view the air quality in all your rooms in real time, facilitate maintenance and record data securely
  • Lastly, choose an environmentally-friendly product by getting an eco-designed device made in France
Professional air purifiers for businesses

Why choose NatéoSanté professional air purifiers?

Present on the air quality market since 2009, NatéoSanté has true expertise in issues related to indoor pollution.
The EOLIS Air Manager range of air purifiers was specially designed to meet the needs of professionals.

Its various medical-grade filters enable it to respond to extreme and diverse indoor air pollution problems that can be found in hairdressing salons, chiropodists’ surgeries, dry cleaners, schools, childcare centres, nursing homes, etc.

Finally, choosing NatéoSanté means benefiting from personalised support from air quality experts who are committed on a daily basis to offering you real performance guarantees and protecting your health and that of your employees.

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