An air purifier is an indoor device that filters domestic or industrial air, and which is used primarily to remove pollution, improve air quality and purify the air. The purpose of this device is to limit the spread of harmful residues or allergens and to prevent asthma or allergy problems related to air quality in people at risk (children, the elderly, sensitive people, etc.). These devices can also be used preventively by people who do not have any particular problems but who wish to protect their health and that of their friends and family. This makes air purifiers, first and foremost, devices dedicated to combating ambient pollution and contributing to the improvement of indoor air quality.

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How do air purifiers work?

The purifier filters indoor air and purifies it by removing the various sources of pollution. There are several stages of air purification.
First, the purifier draws in the air in the room to capture the particles. The air then passes through different filters that catch the various types of pollutants present in the air. Depending on the performance of your purifier, it will be able to treat different volumes of air associated with the size of your rooms (bedroom, living room, dining room). For the best results, it is essential to have one air purifier per room, which is always referred to as an enclosed area.

  The pre-filter

The pre-filter captures macro-particles such as coarse dust, animal fur and the like. Located directly between the cover and the other filters, it is the initial filtration system that starts working as soon as air enters the unit. This filter, which is typically washable, extends the life of the other filters by filtering out macro-particles upstream.

 The HEPA filter

The HEPA filter can capture more than 99% of particles larger than 0.3 µm. It is a medical grade filter, also known as an absolute filter. It is made of a very fine layer of fibre and, thanks to its tight weave, it can catch dust mites, pollen, mould, fungi, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, fine dust, animal fur and even diesel particles.

 The activated carbon filter

The activated carbon filter is mainly used to destroy bad smells present in your home. It is a filter containing activated carbon beads that filter and eliminate toxic gases like benzene, hydrogen sulphide, formaldehyde, ammonia vapours, bleach, bad smells, etc. Our activated carbon filters also help to eliminate excessive ozone quantities in your air.

 Photocatalytic air filtration (can be switched on and off)

Polluting particles are absorbed through an oxidation and then reduction reaction between the catalyst and the UV radiation. This process converts VOCs into H2O and CO2. 

					Balance your environment by grounding airborne particles through the emission of negative ions

 Negative Ion Generation (can be switched on and off)

More than 8 million negative ions per second are scattered. These anions help rebalance your environment by pushing airborne particles to the floor.

 Active Oxygen Generator (can be switched on and off)

The active oxygen function treats your room thoroughly. When you will be out of the house, you can activate this function to eliminate deep-seated odours (sheets, textiles, carpeting) and also treat your home against dust mites and mould.

Professional air purifiers for businesses

Choosing the right air purifier 

Each air purifier has its own performances and technical characteristics. Before buying an air purifier, you should compare the filtration levels of the different devices available to you and consider these criteria when purchasing your air purifier. The effectiveness of your product against domestic pollution depends on precisely how you use the device and which one you choose. Asthma, allergies, fine particles, odours, and more—for some, it is used as a preventive measure, for others it simply provides extra comfort by promising healthy and purified air. Here are the criteria you should consider when purchasing your air purifier:  

The surface area treated: Each air purifier treats an area ranging from 25 m² to 120 m². It is necessary to use a device of the appropriate size for the dimensions of the area being treated. For optimal air filtration, the air circulation should be limited to within the area—each enclosed space should have its own device. An undersized device or one used in several rooms will be far less effective.

Quels filtres pour purificateur d'air professionnel

The filters: Different air purifiers use different filtration systems. At NatéoSanté, we use 4 levels of filtration. Each of the air purifiers’ filters and each option has a specific function that removes a type of pollution. Think about the sort of concerns you have and choose an appropriate device for your situation by checking the effectiveness of each level of filtration (see above).

Choisir un purificateur d'air silencieux

Noise level: Hearing comfort is important because your air purifier is with you every day. In order to function properly, it must run continuously and not bother you all day long. NatéoSanté air purifiers also have an extremely quiet night mode that allows you to sleep next to the unit without being disturbed.

Who is the air purifier for?

					offices tertiary workplace wellness work-life quality wlq productivity

The air purifier is intended for anyone wishing to treat the air quality at their home or place of work. The air purifier can be used for both curative and preventive purposes. It is extremely useful for people suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma or allergies, but also for people who want to eliminate pollution or bad smells.

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